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I have posted before several times about my rhinoplasty and I happened to be looking at the board because I am having my eyes done soon when I saw the rhinoplasty posts. First of all, it is very very common to have revision rhinoplasty. It is by far the most common cosmetic surgery to have revised. I had two surgeries with Dr. Tobias (NJ) which did not achieve good results. I gave him one chance to fix it and then I went to Dr. Toriumi (Chicago) which I am finally happy with. My nose now looks the way that I thought it should after the first surgery. It isn't absolutely perfect but no one would ever know I had a nose job or think I needed one. So that seems very good. I did have to have cartilage taken from one ear on my most recent surgery and my ears still look the same as before. I would be worried if that wasn't the case. I would definitely recommend Dr. Toriumi if you want revision. I know the wait is long and he is expensive, but it is still cheaper and faster than another revision!!! After several surgeries, it becomes more and more difficult to fix a nose so you really must carefully consider the outcome!

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