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I'm looking to see if any smokers who have had a rhinoplasty quit smoking before their surgery or if you continued to smoke during recovery?
Everything I have read says you must quit but when I asked my PS he said "you don't have to quit, it would be better if you did because you'll cough less from the anesthesia but that's all". He didn't say anything about the smoking interfering with the recovery process. My surgery is in 2 weeks.
Anyone with any thoughts on this? Thanks
Smoking definitely interferes with the healing process. It inhibits your circulation! No decent doctor would say that it is ok to smoke, esp post op, and with a plastic surgery procedure where healing properly is so important.
I have never had a Rhinoplasty..........but i did have 2 breast lifts done! My 1st plastic surgeon said i DIDNT have to quit!!! All i can say is he WAS WRONG!! I had a devestating experience, and it does effect healing! It isnt worth it! My 2nd surgery i DID quit and still had complications! It is always a good idea to quit before surgery! You will get "mixed" times on when you should quit! 2 weeks...........2 months etc! Try to quit as much time before surgery as you can! Some dont have any problems being smokers or non smoker's..........there are risks with any type of surgery/plastic surgery! But quitting can reduce those risks. It is soooo hard...........but worth it!
Hi Daisy, you said you had two breast lifts , do you get a little smaller when they do this procedure? Because i was thinking of having mine done. I'm 36C right now. They are a good size but just a little saggy not to bad. Could you give me a little info on this?

Thanks Pamela
Hi Pamela................yes they can get smaller from a lift. I got breast implants first and then a couple years later got the lift. I needed them done at the same time i was a 34A with severe sag! I was scared to get the lift because of the scarring involved. I am very fair skinned and so the scars are worse on me! I gave up one for the other. I'd rather have scars then sag. It is a fairly intense procedure...........since there is so much cutting involved. It does depend on how severe the sag is, there are different type of lifts..................full anquor is the major one. Just a recommendation.......make sure you schedule 2-3 consultations with different plastic surgeons and then pick the one that you are most comfortable with! Dont just trust anyone.................and do all the research and background checks as you can!
Thank you daisy, Did it cost alot? I'm not sure if i'm going to get it done yet, maybe in a year or two.

It varies in different area' 1st $6700 and my 2nd was $6900.

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