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in about10 days (May 3rd.) and I am getting so excited! :bouncing: The surgeon I've chosen is considered to be one of the best for eyelid surgery, so I'm confident about that. He is also a board certified opthamologist. He will also be doing "liposuction" to the jaw line and fat injections around the mid face and lips (taken from my bootie or hip). I'd love to hear about the recovery including bruising and swelling time and kind of what to expect. I know what his office told me, but would love to hear from someone who has personally gone through it. Has anyone had fat injections to the face and did you find any permanance to it? How long did it last, etc., did you need to repeat it? often? I am not really interested in hearing about any nightmare complications, just want to get a realistic picture. (Please! I am already nervous enough!)
Btw, this is my first time posting on this board. I'm just celebrated my 59th birthday and am still a plastic surgery virgin!
I also am not telling a zillion people before hand, hoping I will just get the desired look I want...refreshed! But will deal with that one person at a time. For those who had the eyelid surgeries, did people know you had some work?
Looking forward to hearing from you.

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