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Re: Mole removal
Jun 2, 2006
It is an outpatient procedure that can be done by either your GP or a surgeon. Be certain that they NEED to be gone as there is an element of risk. The scarring from the moles I had removed last year looks worse than the moles did. I first went to my GP who basically scraped them off. After a couple of months the scar tissue was bulkier than the moles were and a bit angrier looking. I then went to a surgeon who told me there was no guarantee it wouldn't occur again. I had a large mole on the back of my neck removed as a teenager, and a freckle mole off of my calf about 7 years ago and they hardly scarred at all so I told him to go ahead. I had the surgeon cut the worst looking of the mole scars out and stitch things up and 8 months later it looks as bad as before the surgury. Not everyone scars the same and I did not see a "plastic surgeon" so obviously the skill must be a factor.

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