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Has anyone had to have their breast augmentation re-done after so many years? Are you supposed to?

I had mine done 15 years ago. I read on another board that you should have them replaced every 10 years.

I will say that I wish I hadn't gone with the tear drop shape, silicone with a texture on the outside. They do look natural, ( my husband was shocked when I told him...hehe) but if I have to have them replaced, I think I'll get a little more fullness upper chest.
I had mine less than a year and had a leak so you just never know when that will happen. I know of alot of women who had the same problem and now have silicone in their bodies.

[QUOTE=iluvmydog66;2833326]I would not worry as much about replacing your implants as much as I would NOT going for your annual mammogram! I am not sure how old you are - but all the plastic surgeon's stress you must still go for your annual mammos after age 40!!! Implants are TOUGH - they are built to endure more then the squeeze of a mammogram!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No one would get implants if they ruptured that easy! AND if you have had them for twenty five years you are way past due for a replacement anyway - they are not meant to last that long![/QUOTE]
I just have another opinion and we can express that here I thought. Yes that has happened to me and I had them out in Dec. I also have Lupus, Fibromyaliga etc. I know of doctors that do not like implants. I did not think mine looked real at all but thats me and I am glad you like yours. I am hoping one day it will be our tissue instead of implants there are studies being done growing our tissue and using that instead of implants. Not everyone can have/use implants because of reactions to the shell etc. I am thinking most of the cancer survivors that I have seen that had a reaction to them. I hate the thought of constant replacement every 10 years and was another reason for getting them removed. Not trying to make anyone upset just what has happened to me and some other women I know.

[QUOTE=iluvmydog66;2833827]The whole bacteria scare is VERY rare - how long ago did that happen to you? This board isn't really the place to learn about the pros and cons of saline and silicone implants. :) There are boards such as implant forum and implant info that have loads of information, studies, manufacturer information etc.

Yes I have Inamed saline implants and I love them! Someone said something about saline implants being like cantelopes and it made me laugh. Saline and silicone (once fully healed and dropped) look the same - you can't visually tell a difference. It is all in surgeon skill - silicones can look VERY fake too - check out Pam Anderson or Anna Nicole Smith (RIP). As for feel it is preference, i know plenty of women with salines and I have felt them and they feel and look natural enough for me!

One day when mine need to be replaced I am sure they will be out with something new and the newer silicones will have been on the market a lot longer - based on the safety at that time I will make my choice. But for me, the safety of saline could not be surpassed - and I did not meet with one Plastic Sureon, gynocologist or MD who disagreed with me.

Have a nice day![/QUOTE]
I read alot at nicoles breast augmentation, mine are not that old. But when I hear you guys talk about how bad the surgery was years ago, I just wanted to tell you i think they have greatly changed this. It wasn't very bad, also when getting redo's it's not as painful because the pocket is already there.

I think it is just a myth that they need replaced. Mine now have a lifetime warranty through mentor, saline. And I paid the extra hundred dollars for insurance to cover surgeons fees if they were to deflate.

i have had a girlfriend who had one deflate, she woke up and it was very noticeable.

The cost vary so much around the country. Mine were $4,300, I only had IV sedation to and it took under an hour.
BRENDA, YOU SAID, "First off the pocket is already there when you get them replaced, so they just slip the new ones in, no big deal."

Just slip them in?? They have to slice the skin open then lift up the muscle to remove the old ones, (this alone is a big deal) then you have to be sewn up. I don't know how that could be nothing. :confused:

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