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The Obagi Blue peel is a TCA peel, which as far as strength, is in the middle. There are weaker peels, such as Glycolic and Salicylic, and stronger ones, like Phenol peels. The TCA peels are a good way to go for treating wrinkles since the weaker peels donít do much and the stronger peels are a little scary (months of recovery time and scary possible side effects).
For some of your questions:
What was the pain like Ė not bad at all, the actual TCA chemical acts like a local anesthetic, but you do feel tingling (like your face is really itchy), but it only last 30 seconds or so.
Did you get put under or are they not painful Ė again, since the TCA chemical acts like an anesthetic, there is no need to be put under.
What was the recovery time Ė your face will be red, and little blue because the chemical is blue, right after the peel. Over the next week, your skin will start to peel. You should be back to normal after 7 to 10 days, 14 at the most.
Is it done once or every month Ė they donít suggest doing TCA peels any closer together than every 6 months.

If you are considering doing it, the pain should not be a factor (since it is very minor). You should look more at the price and the down time.

I would like to suggest something else that I feel is much better for wrinkles. Itís not everywhere, but itís called the Fraxel Laser. It has less down time and it shows better results than a TCA peel (in my opinion). Itís fairly new (a few years), but itís getting incredible reviews from a lot of people. It seems to be the next big thing in treating wrinkles (because of the short down time and good results). I would also look into that.

Hope that helps.
I had the Fraxel a few weeks ago - looked like a burn victim for a week. Still pink. My eyelids are still very red and tender. I am 29 y/o and would not recommend the Fraxel.

I have not seen any results outside of redness. I have pretty fair skin though. I felt the Fraxel (even taking 10mg Valium and using a 4 combo rx numbing cream) was extremely painful. I have done many IPL's for texture and that was nothing compared to the pain of the Fraxel. It may be worth it if someone has blotchy skin or wrinkles - but definitely not for my age. The Fraxel used was the Active Fx. I will probably only do either a Phenol or actual CO2 laser if I want anything in the future. :(
I'd actually read that too about patients not being happy with the results of the laser. The phenol peel is the deepest peel and you may already be aware, but can have dangerous side effects. Perhaps you can instead look into a medium depth (tca) peel. The dermatologist typically perform the chemical peels (as opposed to the plastic surgeons) as I'd called around :)
Yes, my mom has had a phenol around her mouth and loved the results. She's very fair so was a perfect candidate.

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