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Hi, yesterday, 07-26-2006, I had a complete Titan Skin Tightening Treatment (face, forehead and neck). It certainly stung but was not intolerable. My doctor does 4 treatments at four week intervals. Has anyone else had this proceedure? I was trying to get rid of nasolabial folds and the beginnings of a turkey waddle. I am 48 years old. So far, 24 hours later, no visiable results. Anyone else have experience with this? Thanks.
Now it is the 4th day since my treatment. Nothing noticeable thus far. No firming or lifting. However, no side effects either. I will keep you posted.
I haven't heard of that procedure, but I had a friend say that the Thermage skin tightening system works real well.
Yes, I have heard of Thermage. I researched it thoroughly and all though I have heard of many good results I also discovered many horror stories concerning Thermage. Enough to make me very leary. Burns, loss of facial fat and facial dimpling. The worst I could find on the Cutera Titan proceedure was that it generally takes longer for the results to show up and that it doesn't work for every person. So I figured the worst that could happen with Titan was I would be out some money. With Thermage the risk of disfigurement seemed to great. Thus my choice.
^ yeah, it's best to always do that kind of research, I agree. I think the Thermage is great in the right hands.. I've heard those horror stories as well. Maybe down the line there will more more highly qualified people to do it (the Thermage). Good luck with your treatments!
Thanks! :-) I shall keep you updated.
It has been almost a month now and I "think" I am starting to see some minor firming of my "[I]turkey waddle[/I]" :eek: and marrionette lines. I go for my second treatment this Friday (four total). I shall keep you informed.

By the way, I am still hoping to find someone else who has had this proceedure. Anyone?
To: WasFatNoMore.......
I was looking at information on the skin tightening procedure & read your posts. I'm curious to know if you've noticed any results. We have a new clinic in our area that uses the Titan (don't remember what name is before it) and I was seriously considering doing it then I stumbled onto your messages. Have you had more than one treatment?
I had my second treatment on 8-25-06. My third is scheduled for 9-22-06. My Doctor (who has done a memeber of his own family) says it will be at least three months before I will really notice anything. He does it in 4 treatments a month apart.

I "think" :confused: I see some shrinking of my nasolabial folds and a little less waddle under my chin. He said a problem I might have is that I have a "fat face" that may make the results less visible. (He used the term "adipose tissue").

My final treatment will be in October and I figure I have to be patient until January.

The treatments do sting but nothing terrible. Your face will be a little red afterwards but that goes quickly. I will keep everyone posted. Everyone keep your fingers crossed for me to have some good results.
I'm glad you responded. I was curious to know if you had begun to notice any difference. I have a consultation tomorrow. (gulp) ....... :eek: I guess I'm a little surprised that it has taken or your Dr. chooses to do it in 4 treatments. The one I talked to just said it was a one time thing. Perhaps that depends on the Dr & the person. Didn't you say you had it done in multiple areas?
I will be anxious to hear how you come out. I don't want (or expect) to look like Julia Roberts when I'm done but I'd rather not continue looking like one of those "marrionettes" (sp?).......:) :)
BTW........I'm also curious as to what the cost is in your area if you don't mind sharing that with me.
I don't expect to look like Brad Pitt :rolleyes: , just a better me! I have great skin, no wrinkles (never [B]smoked[/B] and not too much [B][COLOR="Yellow"]sun[/COLOR][/B]), but in my family we sag, and sag.....and sag! LOL! I want to avoid looking like a hound dog so my expectations are realistic.

I read alot about this proceedure. Some Doctors seem to think that multiple treatments over a period of time at a less strong power is more effective and less prone to problems. Many say two (the most common recommendation I have seen) but also a few threes. MY Doctor prefers 4 a month apart. My Doctor says, however, that my tolerance to the pulses is pretty high.

My Doctors fee is $3000 for four treatments. Which, though alot of money to me :dizzy: seemed very fair compared to other Doctors, the number of treatments, the time involved (a tad over an hour for my entire face and neck) and the fact that I am in the Princeton area. NJ aint cheap!

Hope this helps.
Thank You!
Very interesting.
I had a consultation today & I wish I could explain what he said but it was kinda confusing. I guess to start off he suggested some sort of laser thinger for 4 months & then a total resurfacing with a laser in december, botox, restylane and then the Titan if necessary.
Good Grief!!!! Did you go through all that first?
He said sometimes after doing it this way the Titan treament is not necessary. (wonder why......probably don't have any skin or face left?!?)
Everything leading up to the Titan treatment would be 1900.00.
I think one treatment with the Titan is around 1,100. BUT..........they give discounts on "package deals"...............gosh, almost sounds like I'm dealing with a quack here but actually they come very highly recommended.
Have you noticed anything in the last 24 hours? :)
Please keep me posted. I'd like to know if this works for you.
Thank you from Iowa.
I didn't have any laser treatments. Laser resurfacing, from what little I know, is more for eradicating fine lines, wrinkles and age spots. I have none of that, well I do have forhead creases but they don't bother me. The skin on my lower face and neck is very smooth so no need to resurface anything there. I am 47. Alot depends on your age, whether you smoked, have sun damage, lots of fine lines and wrinkles and your overall expectations. I am only interested in tightening the nasolabial folds, jowls and neck waddle. Just looking for firmer skin tone and avoiding "familial sags" that happen to my relatives after 50!

Titan will not eliminate deep creases and sun damage and age spots. What are you hoping to achieve, may I ask? Also, you could consider a second opinion, a small price to pay considering we are talking faces here. And most of all be VERY honest when you tell the Doctor what you want to look like afterwards, (s)he needs to know if your expectations are realistic.
So, any new developments? Noticed any changes as of late?
I've been doing a little more research on all of this & I've talked to people who have been to these doctors & so far haven't heard anything negative. I had a friend research the botox & if it has a perservative (specifically thimerisol) in it as I am highly allergic to that stuff. Reports on that are good too.
I'm going to give it more thought before I jump into this so I will keep you posted.
I'm anxious to hear if you are noticing anything. The way I understand the titan procedure is that it can take several months to notice a change.
Was it painful?
Your cost is pretty comparable to what it is here. I believe their pricing information quotes 1,100 for that particular procedure. I'm surprised the price is so close being in such different areas. We don't have a lot to choose from around here in fact this is the only place within 150 miles that does anything even close to this.
We live in "hooterville".............1 train a month goes through most areas. The largest town within a 50 mile radius is 12,000. The remainder are anywhere from 300 to 1800 so people are pretty excited about this.
I know that sounds strange to people who live in / near cities.
I'll keep you posted & let's hear of your progress.
I "think" my nasolabial folds are shrinking a little bit (they seem less prominent). My neck waddle is still flapping in the wind! :dizzy:

Yes, every thing I have read it says takes several months for results. I figure since my last treatment is in October I have to give it until New Years before I become disappointed.

Does it hurt, yes. It stings, nothing awful but it does sting. I hold a hankerchief in my fist and squeeze it when the machine zaps me. The Doctor offered a rubber ball to squeeze but the hankie absorbs palm sweat so I stuck with that. They adjust the power of the "zap" based on your pain tolerance. My Doctor does three passes, each time upping the power a little bit. During my first session I noticed I was tensing my jaw muscles (a natural reaction I suppose), so I tried to keep them relaxed and that seemed to help lesson the pain. It hurts more where the skin is closer to the bone (thiner/less fat) like on the forehead and around the jaw line.

I go for number 3 on Friday. Wish me luck!
[FONT="Comic Sans MS"]
Sounds as if you are noticing a difference. I know what you mean when you talk about a "neck waddle"........:rolleyes: I would really like to wear a turtle neck again without really looking like a turtle! :)
I'm really anxious to hear about your progress!
Stings huh?!?........I can see where the areas that are closer to the bone would be a little more tender. I had some kind of facial one time that used ultrasound & it was not pleasant on the forehead! Felt like my brains were being electrocuted! Oh well, I'm tough.
Did they give you or suggest any products to use? I got some samples they recommended to use prior to treatments & of course there are those they prefer you to use after you are done. "To protect your investment" is the way they put it. And..........of course they are spendy too.
I'll be anxious to hear about your treatment on Friday & hear whether or not the Dr. notices any difference. (did they take pictures for comparison?) ... I think it's hard to tell if something is working or doing what it's supposed to when you see yourself everyday. I'll be curious to hear what he says.
Good luck & keep posting!
To: WasFatNoMore
How was your final treatment? Have you noticed any difference?
Actually, I was supposed to have the third of four treatments last Friday. Unfortunately I have a bad cold so the Doctor resheduled. I go back in two weeks. I don't blame him for rescheduling, since he basically has to be "in my face" for an hour.

ah-hoo! ;)

Thanks for asking. Will let you know.
Sorry to hear about your cold. Pump up the vitamin C I guess. (I wonder if the stuff they give you to put on your face factors into the "daily allowance".....:)
Keep me posted.
Well, I had my third treatment today. I said to the Doctor that it didn't seem to hurt as much. He said he increased the power to 50 and that I did good. Guess I didn't flinch as much. Perhaps I am getting used to the zaps. So far I think I do see some improved elasticity in my turkey waddle region :eek: . And the marrionett folds seem to be shrinking. I have one more treatment to go, November 10th. Will keep you updated.
Hi! :wave:
Sounds like you've noticed some improvement. Steady by jerks they say......(or so I've heard)
Did the Dr. give you any type of time frame? I'm sure curious to know how you come out with this. I have not made an appointment as of yet.......a lot on my plate right now. Hopefully soon.
The last time I visited the clinic here I told them about your posts. They were / are very interested to know the results.
Keep posting.
He said 3 to 6 months for any visible results.

Will keep you up to date.
Hi! :wave:
Just wondering if you've noticed any difference from the treatments yet?
Hope you have good things to report. :)
I would also be leary of Thermage. It's in its infancy and you could end up a kind of guinea pig--which these clinics would be all too happy to oblige you with, at your expense and disappointment.

I sure hope the Titan does give you some good results.
I had treatment number 4 on 11-27-2006. So far not much to report. I guess I will have to wait the full six months to see if anything happens.
Curious about the results from your titan treatment.
Haven't seen postings since your 4th (and last).
Anything new? :)

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