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I have had 2 rhinoseptoplasty procedures done. The last one was in 2002 and up until now have not had any problems with my nose.
A month ago I started to get pressure in my nose and it looks like it is going used to be so straight!

Now my nose hurts constantly, and it feels and looks swollen. Now it looks assymetrical and I feel so self concious and stressed, as I thought my days of worrying about my nose was over!!

I went to see my GP who prescribed anitbiotics and a medicated nasal spray and she said my sinuses were swollen up. My nose is clear, and I don't have a stuffy nose at all.

Can my nose change shape so long after surgery?? What is causing this?
Please help as I am so worried that my beautiful nose is now starting to look crooked and all the $$$$$$ spent on surgeries is going down the drain. i can't afford to get it fixed a third time. thanks

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