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Re: Mole Help
Dec 18, 2006
I am going to a cosmetic surgen in about 3 weeks to have a mole removed. The Dr. said that they numb it and cut it off flesh so there is hardly a mark, if at all. (perhaps this is because my mole is fleshed colored). He said it takes about 10 days to heal, and heals just like a bad scrape (redness, scabbing, then back to normal skin).

As a side note...
Has anyone had this done before? The only thing I'm worried about is being out in public with a scab on my nose, which is why I chose to do the surgery over my winter break but I still have to go to work. ( i know, a little vain..) Anyone know of any way to speed up the healing process/ reduce the amount of scabbing?

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