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Re: Mole Help
Oct 18, 2006
my sister had a bunch of moles removed from her face and it was totally worth it. the marks that it left behind you can hardly see - way less obvious than the moles were. she healed really fast too.
Re: Mole Help
Oct 19, 2006
By "cosmetic place," if you mean a mall-type store with white-jacketed staff, STAY AWAY!!!! I would not have one of those folks touch my face with a ten-foot pole. A laser will not give you the results you want, and any staff who tells you otherwise just wants you money. Truly.

As far as your doctor, is this a dermatologist? A derm doc is your best bet for good results. I have had a number of moles removed from my face (some from my nose) - no scars. The procedure is to numb the area with a shot, then shave off the mole at skin level.

Take good care of the area as it heals; do [U]exactly [/U]as the derm doc tells you. You will have good results.

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