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Re: Tummy Tuck
Jun 20, 2007
Congrats on the new puppy!! Mimi must be adorable. You'll be so happy when you're all done with the construction and everything is in place. In the mean-time patience, patience, patience!!!!

I'm using the silicone scar sheets, I hope they work. The scars look great, but when I come out of the shower they are sooooo noticably red. I guess this will go away in time. Happy to hear that yours are non-existent. I still have internal stitches that haven't dissolved yet, but I am flat as a board, can't wait to show off the tummy, I wish the belly button would heal, I have to keep it out of the sun for now!

Slowly looking for a job, I love being home now, I think I may stretch it until September, if I can, and spend some time with my sons. I'm trying to get the job close to home. My oldest, just 15, will be working at the Statue of Liberty for the summer, what an exciting FIRST job!!!!

The drama with my old job still continues, now two months. The ex-wife jumped on the bandwagon and joined the new girlfriend. I'm not sure if they are double teaming me or if they both seperately want me out of his life. Which at this point is mute, I'm so done with all of that. Although I am hurt, I helped the ex-wife when she was going through the divorce with him, gave her support, gave her money, weird how people forget those who helped them. But I look at it this way, something better will come along!!! Besides I heard the old boss is stressed and everyone is quitting on him. Not that I wish him bad things, but I guess as they say what goes around comes around.

It was great hearing from you and wish you the best with all the exciting things happening in your life! ;)

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