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Re: Tummy Tuck
Apr 15, 2007
[QUOTE=marie72;2923891]Hi everyone!

I was happy to see that this discussion has continued. I will be going in on April 30 for a full tummy tuck and breast lift, possible implants, haven't decided on that yet, too confusing. You guys just gave me some excellent information about the tummy tuck. Thanks! Where were your drains?, my surgeon said she would put them on the sides, by my hips, much more comfortable. I was wondering about the compression garments, has anyone used them, do I need them, I'm allergic to latex and was concerned if I should invest in latex free ones. My surgeon made metion that I may not need them, any advice? Glad to hear eveyone's happy with their results!![/QUOTE]

WOW!! You have got an exciting day to look forward to. I wish there was a way to do private messaging. I just had a lift and implants about a year ago. I think the statement of once you do one procedure you want another is true - atleast for me, :)

When I had my tummy tuck (along with a complete hysterectomy) my drains were somewhere down there :confused: I feel that they were more in between my hips and pubic area. Remember the end of the drain tube is somewhere other than where it is coming out of your body :eek: as it is just a long hose. But I do remember having to safety pin them up to my clothing so they wouldn't hang or pull.

PLEASE get yourself a shower seat and a RAISED toliet seat. I promise you will be so much happier to have these when you get home. Just imagine doing nothing but ab exercises for 24 hours and the next day trying to sit down or get up - a raised toliet seat will be a lifesaver for you - it will be the best money you will have ever spent and they aren't expensive. Also if you have a poster type of bed tie a rope to the end post to help pull you up.

Compression garments -- YES YES -- you will want to wear one. I can't imagine you leaving the OR without one on. Number one reason it makes a huge difference keeping the swelling down. If you are allergic to latex definitely check with your surgeon about ones without - I didn't realize they had latex in them :confused: It was a real strange feeling when I took mine off that first time -- a feeling I can't even describe - it just felt like my skin was real loose and if I didn't put the garment back on my stomach would just jiggle :dizzy: After a few weeks I started wearing Spanx.

Are you getting a full anchor lift? That's what I did and like you I also couldn't decide on implants at first but went ahead and got them (small ones). I'm glad I did now - I was just worried I would be lifted but "empty". I had quite a bit of breast tissue but wanted to be able to completely fill out/in a bikini top but still look natural. I was a C/D going into surgery and came out a D so no one even noticed - the only comments I had was I looked like I lost weight :D . You will be amazed after you have your lift and tuck too how taller and thinner you look because your breast are off of your abdomen!

take care and keep us updated
Re: Tummy Tuck
Apr 15, 2007
I went with saline and they are under the muscle. I did this about a year ago and I too was worried about always knowing something artificial was inside. I won't lie - I definitely notice and yes I feel them moving around. I work out 3-4 times a week and I still am uncomfortable doing push ups or pull ups but other than that all is great! They don't feel cold at all though - I hadn't even heard of that being an issue. I asked about the silicone and my surgeon said unless I just felt like spending the extra $$ he said I really wouldn't notice a difference - but who knows that answer till you have had both, right, lol?? My girlfriend went with silicone and she was flat as a board and she said hers are heavy so not sure about that comment. My implants are McGhan or Inamed (same company just not sure which is the newer name) and I also bought the warranty so I can always go larger if I wanted too but I don't think I will - my teenage son would die if I became a Dolly Parton look a like - hee hee.

Yes I used silicone sheets for scarring. They help and the cheaper brands work just as good as the expensive name brand ones - so save your dollars and get the CVS or Walgreen brands. You just cut them to fit over the scars and believe me they stay on!! Just make darn sure your scars are completely healed over before using them though or you will pull the scabs off and that is a big OUCH!!

Also regardless if you do implants or not - find a comfortable bra to sleep in - no wire of course. I bought mine from Chico's line of lingerie - Sonoma. And to change it up I will wear a Spanx top. I am now never without a bra - drives my husband crazy, lol. But sorry I'm protecting my investment from falling.

Just a little hint - don't freak out about looking like Madonna with the torpedo look - that does go away. I was lucky as my implants really fell into place quickly so I didn't have the square boob syndrome or boobs up to my collarbone like some do. My girlfriend had that but they dropped after a couple of weeks and hers look great.

I don't know you but from your description of yourself I would say go ahead and do the implants. I'm glad I did b/c I know I would have regretted not doing so and then I would have had to wait 6 months or so to do the implants and basically doing it at the same time of the lift the cost is a lot less b/c they are already working on them.

If I knew you and you lived near me I would literally bet you a big wad of $$$ that an elevated toliet will be a lifesaver for you. And a shower stool. Seriously please go get these - and you will be wanting to send me flowers to say thanks for the advice on this. Don't want to be too explicit and I'm not sure if you have ever had surgery before but the toliet will be your friend/enemy for a week or so and you will want that extra height. And make sure you ask your doctor for some Ambien or something to help you sleep because for the first week if not longer you will be sleeping on your back and unless you are a back sleeper it will be difficult.

I hope I'm not freaking you out of anything but if I was in your situation I would want to know everything upfront to be able to plan and be prepared - hopefully you feel that way too.

take care and feel free to ask anything - You are going to be so thrilled when this is all over -- especially with summer right around the corner!!! BIKINI shopping!
Re: Tummy Tuck
May 8, 2007
oops Soma - guess I'm wishing I was in Sonoma, lol.......anyway the bra I bought is one I don't wear "out" I just wear it to sleep in. It is the travelers agnes - the weekend bra - no underwire. I also sleep sometimes in a Spanx top.

The bra I wear all the time (except when I work out) is Victoria Secret's IPEX without underwire. I am not a huge fan of sports bras, never have been. I hate the uni boob look it gives me :eek: . So when I work out I wear the Barely There underwire bras BUT it took a good 3-4 months before I felt comfortable wearing underwire again after my surgery especially working out. The scars for me under my breast took the longest to fully heal so wearing underwire would just irritate the scars too much. I've gone brain dead :dizzy: did you have the full anchor lift like me?

Sounds like you are used to your implant size. I felt the same way you did and there are some days I wish I had gone with a just a tiny bit larger implant (not to mention my husband wishing it too ;) ) But then I put on a tight shirt and realize I made the right decision. Plus I don't want to be known as the hoochie mom by my teenage son's friends, lol.

stay in touch!

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