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Hi... I'm a male in my 30s... I've thought about a rhinoplasty for a LOOONG time but could never quite get over the hump (no pun intended) and do it. I've got a Semitic (Jewish) nose, so it's got a hump and also the tip sort of turns down with a long bridge.

I actually thought I'd do it five years ago. I saw a couple of docs at Mass Eye & Ear (to get two opinions, although one actually trained with the other so maybe a dumb choice)... and then continued checking around and saw a few more. It seemed to me that each one was probably fine but each said something slightly different, or at least just enough to make me not sure who would be best for me. Basically I got myself so confused by whom to choose that I ended up putting it all aside! (For those of you who may know, the docs were Cheney, Gliklich, Adams, Eriksson, and Gallico, all in Boston. Except for the first two, I think I got their names from a "Best Doc" listing that ran in Boston Magazine.)

Anyway, my looks continued to bother me (of course), and this year I started over, but this time I just asked an acquaintance (who is himself a PS in Baltimore) for the name of an excellent doc around here. So he told me James Alex at the Lahey Clinic in Burlington. He wrote me that this guy had trained with the best (Toriumi and the other big Chicago doc) and was supposedly very talented. So I saw him. But now I'm STILL not sure! These visits are so quick, and they show you imaging, but it seems like they do it sort of quickly, and each time they do it it can look slightly different. Plus I don't know if I'm supposed to assume it will come out exactly like I'm seeing it or not!! So anyway, I just don't know if I should use him, one of the docs I saw before, or what?!!??! I want to do it, but this process freaks me out... Maybe I have a perfectionism problem and you need to just take chances, but I just want to feel totally comfortable that I'm picking the doc who will do the best job for MY face and with whom I'll be happiest. In the mirror I can see that it could look great and much improved, but how can I ever know a doc will get it like that? I can see what needs changing, but I don't want TOO much done so that it becomes too small and doesn't fit my face right. Sometimes I don't know what it means that a doc is "supposed" to be excellent. And I'm afraid it might mean they give you their ideal of a nose, as opposed to being more conservative.

Anyway, does anyone have advice for me on anything?? Or also any thought(s) on any docs I listed?? Thanks so much everyone!!!!

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