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Hi Everyone!

I am trying to decide between a tummy tuck or lipo (i have had a c-section AND hysterectomy with a 6 in. scar at the bikini line). I have not consulted with a PS yet because I am hesitant about the very large scar from a TT I see in most of the before and after photos on various websites.

I don't mean to offend anyone here, but for most of the photos, I find the scar to be a very ugly thing and I can't imagine myself looking like I have been sawed in two. I am wondering how sexy you feel with something like that so visible? I know that my excess "flab" in my stomach is not the most sexy thing either, but boy, some of those after photos are hideous (again, no offense to anyone).

Please share your thoughts / experiences with the "scar". I have no stretch marks from my pregnancy and have very elastic skin, so from what I read, lipo may be OK for my case.
I had a botched c-section with severe adhesions causing much scar (just a fine line measuring 11 inches...and I have 35" hips and wear a size 4), is so very visible compared to that of my friend who had a tummy tuck! Initially, she had a deep U shaped incision, but now you can't even tell unless u r looking for it...I say go for it!!! I can't wait to have mine...I am waiting to find out if my cervical cancer has become invasive, in which case I will need a hysterectomy...if not for that, I would have already had the tummy tuck!! Do it! You will be so happy! Lipo will not take care of the stretched out, excessive skin...if anything it will make it worse.

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