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I am very distressed because I had a mini lift (SMAS) seven days ago and I feel as if the right side of my face is paralyzed!!

I can't flare my right nostrial and can only smile on the left side. I can't spread my lips to show all of my teeth--only those on the left side!!!

My ps said that the nerves have been traumatized and that the feeling should retun in about two weeks.

I am so scared because I don't know if it will.

Has ANYONE had this problem and did things turn out okay??

Has anyone suffered paralysis as result of a SMAS lift?
I'd wait it out, the two weeks--the face is very sensitive and you've just had it operated on. But not sure why one side of your face is mobile and not the other.
I remember someone posting here, that they had lost hearing in one of there ears, after a neck lift.
And that there hearing returned, after a few weeks.
So don't panic yet, try to hold on to the reality, that your face has had some trama, and when the swelling goes down. All will be well again...
Let us know, how your doing!
Thanks to both of you for the encoursging words. Seveal people have said that for the immobility occurred on one side only.
I had a cheek lift early in 2006. They hit some key nerves on one
side of the face. One cheek/one eye wa7s lower than the other side for
about 7 months. The amount of paralysis depends on how bad the
nerves were hit. Anyway, most will correct in two weeks from what I understand.
I'm also anxious to hear how this all turns out. Am getting to where botox doesn't do it all for my face anymore and I might look into this. My doc showed me some pics of his facial surgeries last time I inquired about blepharoplasty and he showed me the people post-op(!) My, how the various parts of the face swell and react in diff ways, but they do very much heal themselves, too.
Yes, they do heal themselves but it does take time. I am seeing progress. I went to my ps yesterday and had the stitches removed. She said that there is some small movement in the muscle above the mouth because I can now form my mouth in a whistle. I am massaging it gently.

I view botox and restylane as money down the drain. They not permanant and the frequency of "touchups" varies with individuals. A fs slow the clock until ages catches up with us.
[QUOTE=geox]I had a cheek lift early in 2006. They hit some key nerves on one
side of the face. One cheek/one eye wa7s lower than the other side for
about 7 months. The amount of paralysis depends on how bad the
nerves were hit. Anyway, most will correct in two weeks from what I understand.[/QUOTE]

What was the distance between your cheeks?? Did you do anything about it? Does everything look normal now?
Your progress is sounding very postive, goodface.

Yep, botox just doesn't last, but I have been kinda scared to move beyond that. I went to one doc for a consultation who does blepharoplasties pretty much exclusively and he said he's had a number of people coming to him who have gone to docs who took too much. Then he must graph skin off the patient's thigh and put it back. :eek: This gives me pause for thought with all plastic surgery but I would trust him.

Restylane doesn't last either, yer correct, but I don't know an alternative to it. Because even people that have lip implants sometimes have to have some Restylane to fill in the spots the implant didn't get to/to even it all out.

In some ways these cosmetic enhancements never end, it sounds like to me.:rolleyes: Quite possibly some clinics out there see a vested interest in keeping us coming back again and again.
Positive results can be achieved IF you select the correct ps and the correct fl procedure. All of the literature that I reviewed support the SAMS procedure because it lifts the fat pads and re-positions them on your face. Afterwards, the skin is draped over the face and any extra skin is removed. This procedure gives a rejuvenated appearance instead of a stretched look.
Discuss this with your ps because there is also the [I]extended[/I] SMAS.

My ps, was so concerned about not giving me a stretched look that I don't think she took enough skin from the left side. The right side looks great but this is the side where the nerves were tramutized.

In fairness, I will have to wait until all of the swelling dissiapates before rending my final judgement. The good things is that I have always have more skin REVOVED but, how can skin be replaced-- from other parts of the body to the face--- ouch!!! Seems like overkill.
Not to keep buggin ya, good, but I sure hope your doctor does any corrective work for free. I think swelling can really obscure what's actually there, though, and you might be very happy with the final results. If not, do pursue that left side in a very assertive (but patient and polite, lol) way with her.

I can tell you, my last lip injections three weeks ago, I thought, oh, no he didn't get it rite and just this past week, my top lip looks so better. I wish I'd always just gone to him.

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