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Labiaplasty advice
Jan 20, 2007
ever since i was about 13 i have been embarassed about the shape of my labia. none of my friends seem to have issues with their bodies and we always change in front of each other, so i've seen their vaginas and in comparison i feel abnormal. instead of having both lips of the labia majora completely together when standing, i have a small strip of my inner labia sticking between them. when looking at myself with a handmirror, i discovered that only one side of my labia is long. i have tried [B]everything[/B] to reduce it's size; i started wearing skirts instead of pants (hoping that the reduction of friction would make it smaller), i "pushed" my labia minora between my labia majora (it looked "normal" until i began to move and it resumed to it's usual state), etc. but nothing seems to work. i'm still a virgin, and have only let a guy touch me in that area once [it wasn't a bad experience, but the next day i found out he had been cheating on me so i dumped him and never found out if he thought i was 'weird' down there]. i also feel uncomfortable in tight pants or thongs as they feel like they are rubbing against that area.

i've done TONS of research over the past few years and realize that although my labia minora aren't as long/thick as most women who have the labiaplasty procedure, i still think i look strange. i know my mom wants me to go to her OBGYN soon (i haven't talked to my mom about my "issue" - but i told her that i'd like to get on the pill soon b/c of my terrible period cramps) and she's suppoused to be one of the best in our area. i would really like to ask her about labiaplasty but i don't want it to be a big deal for our insurance company to cover it (i'm still a minor so i'm on my parent's plan). do the costs of labiaplasty differ with the amount of skin you are getting removed? because i don't think i have that much - just a small bit. how long does it normally take to fully heal (i've read SO many different responses to this question, anywhere from 6 months to 1 week)? what is the best type of procedure? i'd like to be fully educated on the subject before going to the doctor.

ANY advice would be amazing. thanks in advance :)

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