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I just had a consultation with Dr. Ronald Gruber for a "revision" to a rhinoplasty I had over 20 years ago. I was looking a very very minor revision if any at all. I am (well, [I]was[/I]) generally happy with the appearance of my nose; however, one side of my nose, right were the upper of my nostril connects to my face, seems to be dented in a little. It's always been this way and it hasn't bothered me, but it appears to be getting a little more noticeable as I age.

The main reason I went to Dr. Gruber was to see if this indentation would get worse with time or it would remain pretty much the same. If it was going to remain pretty much the same I wasn't going to do anything.

I've heard that Dr. Gruber is an excellent rhino doctor but he's not very personable. Boy..did that turn out to be true! I felt rushed through the consultation and he didn't wait to hear what I wanted. He basically just told me what he'd do with no questions asked. When I tried to venture a suggestion, based on what I was looking for, he seemed offended and the consultation was pretty much over at that point.

The way in which Dr. Gruber handled the consultation made me feel very insecure about my nose, something that hadn't bothered me before the consultation. Hard to explain but I guess because he wanted to make so many changes I'm now feeling "wow, I must look pretty bad". I keep asking my husband "does my nose look that bad?". I keep looking at my nose in the mirror try to see what was so offensive to Dr. Gruber.

One last thing that sort of bothered me. When I went to the consultation the receptionist handed me a form to fill out in which they asked for a lot of information including my SS#, my driver's license #, my occupation, my spouses SS#, my spouse occupation, etc. I only filled out my name and date of birth as I saw absolutely no reason to give them all this was only a consultation! When I left the receptionist kept insisting that I give her my SS#. I asked her why and she told me "well, sometimes our patients have the same name so we use the SS# to identify them". My name is a very unusual name so I told her I couldn't imagine anyone else with the same. She then stated "well, if we need to pull up your medical records we'll need the SS#" to which I replied that my health insurance company does not use my SS# as my identification. It seemed very odd that she'd push so hard for my SS#, it also seem pretty presumptious that she'd assume I'd become a patient.

This is just a warning to anyone who might be considering Dr. Gruber as a PS. I have no doubt in his abilities as he's very highly regarded, but if you need a 'warm and fuzzy' doctor, this is not the guy for you.

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