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[QUOTE=spel;2940598]Does anyone have feedback on Dr. Mark Constantian in New Hampshire? Would appreciate any info you have on this doc concerning rhinoplasty[/QUOTE]

I would like to say that if you are planning a rhinoplasty you would be crazy to NOT consider Dr. Constantian. I know that my first time around I did not do much research and I ended up having a very bad experience and a nose that looked very unnatural. I could not live with the final result of my previous rhinoplasty and therefore sought out a revision specialist. I was referred to Dr. Constantian by a local surgeon whom has discontinued performing nose surgeries and I am very thankful for that recommendation. Not only is Dr. Constantian accredited for being a specialist in the area of revision rhinolpasty but his technique minimizes the amount of trauma to the nose and allows for a much quicker recovery.

With the exception of Dr. Constantian,there are very few surgeons...if any that still use the closed rhinoplasty approach. From experience, closed rhinoplasty leaves a superior final result and recovery time is far less. I had my surgery with Dr. Constantian on August 2nd...a little over a week ago.. and people that do not know me would not be able to tell that I had a nose job so recently as a week and a half ago.

I am very happy so far...even though I am still a bit swollen...because I can already see the improved straightness and shape of my nose. My last surgeon charged me significantly less in terms of monetary costs but left me with a much larger price to pay. Dr. Constantian put the petals back on... just like his website states.

So yes, I would highly recommend Dr. Constantian. He really does care and it's not all about the $$ for this doctor.

I just can't wait for all of the swelling to subside but I do feel confident that in the end I will not have any regrets...something that I can not say about my previous rhinoplasty.

Yes, I have been long winded but my point is...if you want to go with a Dr. that NOSE his stuff and truly has a passion for his out Dr. Mark Constantian.

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