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I'm 18,and thinking about a nose job.I went for a consultation with Dr.Kirwan,who is supposed to be from the best 20 surgeons in the world.

First,I want a natural result where no one would notice the difference in my nose.
Second,my right side is a bit diff than my left,wherein my left side has a little dent in the nostrils.
third,I hate the way I look when I laughh and my profile.

I have no bumps on my nose,and my nose isn't very big.Everyone sees no reason for me having a nose job.Many people think I should visit a psychiatrist instead of have a nose job.I'm not sure now...I know there is no need for the surgery,and if I do rhinoplasty with thus dr,the difference will be very small because I want it to stay natural.From the front I look pretty much exactly the same on the pics he showed me of how I'm supposed to look,the profile looks a bit different and better,but I still don't like my profile.

Now Im thinking,there hardly is a change,so why have the surgery?But then again this small change,making the tip a bit smaller,might make me feel better by mking me less self concsious when I laugh,so thbat I wont have to cover my face when I laugh anymore.My profile also looks better,not stunning,but better,so that I wont have to hide it anymore (hopefully).

Im so confused... I dont know what to do...Is it normal to have rhinoplasty when you're not 100% sure?

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