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I agree with that. I was in my 20's when I went for many liposuction consultations. I finally picked who I was going to have perform the surgery on me and I went in the for 2nd consultation. At the second one the doctor told me that I need to think about having my nose done before I had lipo. I never mentioned one word about my nose. I never thought there was a problem with my face. I never thought I was ugly nor did I think I belonged on the cover of a magazine. For him to tell me that was not right. He is a very highly successful and sought at doctor now. When I look at all the girls he has worked on they look like they are from the same cookie cutter.

I left and never had the lipo. That was back in 97. To this day I look at my nose and hate it cause of that day. I have a Jessica Simpson nose.

Removing wrinkles or droopy lids is one thing but to alter your facial structure to change your face is something on a whole different level. Just because the doctor does a wonderful job does not guarantee that you will like the way he altered your face.

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