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i am considering my first cosmetic procedure and i heard that Dr. Norman Godfrey and Dr. Nicolas Tabbal were the go-to doctors in the nose job area. can anyone tell me about their personal experience with these two doctors.
I am actually going to Dr. Tabbal tomorrow to have my nose done. I also went to both doctors for a consultation before deciding on Dr. Tabbal. I picked him over Dr. Godfrey because his pictures were very good of what my after picture would be and I did nto like Dr. Godfrey's at all. Also I felt like Dr. Godfrey was a little too flirty with me and that bugged me as well. Dr. Tabbal was a little more serious and he did a fantastic job on my girlfriend. I'll let you know how it tursn out. Wish me luck!!!
Hi, I was just wondering who you went with susie345. I'm debating on whether or not to go with Dr. Godfrey.

I appreciate your help so much,
how did it go?

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