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I went on and on until I had a clear idea of what needs to be done and how approximately they may do this, because every doctor imagines the procedure differently, but there are similarities. I had 6 consultations and came back to 1st doctor I saw. I went to free consultations, but I made sure they all are certified ENTs and board certified FACIAL plastic surgeons as opposed to just plastic surgeons. If you call an office and receptions tells you: "Oh, he does anything - noses, busts, lipo, what do you want" - it's a bad sign. They have to specialize in surgery of neck and face, preferably rhinoplasty as speciality. My first doctor was attentive, and straightforward, I liked him. Second was ok, but he seemed to agree too quickly with whatever I wanted - like "I can do anything". Third one was very attentive and professional, that was my second choice. Fourth was very quick and inattentive "I'll give you anything, now I have to go". Fifth was boasting his credentials (as if I did not do research before) for 15 minutes, then was very insistent in his suggestions, I had a feeling he would do what he wants and not listen to me and then say - that's all I could do, get out of here. Plus, his very strange looking assistant was in the office whole time, making me uncomfortable. Sixth was excellent, I loved the consultation with him, but he was also the most expensive - 8.300. That probably wouldn't have been a problem if his staff were more attentive. Nobody seemed to care to return my calls and set up another appointment. So I went with the first one, who also happened to be second cheapest - after he gave me a 1000 discount when learned I had no insurance - 6000$ after all. I am quite satisfied. I had no complications, everything went excellently, the shape is slightly different from what I imagined - but very close to what I wanted and suits my face. He explained in details why I have this and this shape and I am satisfied - since I wanted minimum invasion, but lots to be done.

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