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I have tons of spider veins - geeeee thanks mom ;) I have had a few consults for mine and the consensus is sclerotherapy is the best route. I tried the laser therapy one time and saw zero results, or course they said it might take 3-4 times and it was not cheap. I don't really care how much it costs as much but sclerotherapy is the most predictable and with little to no side effects in all my researching and talking with different doctors.

Sclerotherapy is a solution injected with tiny tiny needles directly into the "spots". The doctor I have decided to go with charges by time rather than injections. So for 30 minutes he charges $300. You can bet I will be watcing the clock and pointing to the ones I want "fixed" first, :D

For obvious reasons now is the time to do it rather than summer time. Yes they like you to wear compression hose (spanx, etc) for a few days after the injections and not to exercise :( for those couple of days.

After loosing 60 lbs and finally feeling comfortable enough to wear shorts in public my spider veins keep me from wanting to - so I am having mine taken care of this winter and hopefully feel/look comfortable to wear them next Summer.

I've had this done before on my legs (20+ years ago) and I will say it is not that fun. Mine did not return - I just got new ones as I "matured" :mad:

Yes they go after tiny tiny ones - some you probably don't even notice, lol. The needles are tiny tiny so the injections don't hurt but after a few it does get uncomfortable and annoying for a lack of better words. I have a few veins that are a bit raised or more obvious and they do hurt when injected but hey a little bit of pain to get rid of these things I'll do it. Just something to know....sometimes it takes a few visits (weeks apart) to take care of the bigger ones.

One thing I'm going to ask is if they will rub some lidocaine to help numb the areas where they inject. I had this done when I had Botox for the first time and it helped.

And varicose veins are different and don't have anything to do with spider veins. I joked with my doctor that I almost wished I had varicose ones b/c insurance covers them. Spider vein treatement is cosmetic :mad:

Hope this helps or answers some of your questions. Just make REAL SURE that you are seeing a doctor and not having done at a spa, etc. as just like botox you want to know you are getting the full strength injections!! Not sure where you live but I am going to a vein clinic who basically do nothing but this and varicose veins. The doctor is a vascular physician so he has lots of experience with the veins.

Hope this helps -- take care :angel:

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