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There is a very simple procedure (forgot medical name) where they cut out part of the eyelid so that it doesn't droop down. Mine were so bad I think they were over my eye lashes!! It can be done in the PS's office with just some numbing. Mine were done while I also had a tummy tuck so I was not awake. Afterwards, I just kept ice packs on them and there was never really any pain. I did have swelling for a few days and bruising for a couple of weeks. It's been just over 6 weeks and you can hardly see the incision is right in the crease of the eyelid.:D
I'd do it again in a heartbeat !!:)
Go to Plastic Surgeon and just have them take a is well worth it !!
My eye's actually "stand out" again and I have eye lashes that were hidden with the droopy skin !!:angel:
I didn't expect to have the insurance cover the surgery. I went to an ophthalmic plastic surgeon to get an idea of what the cost would be. She did tests to see my field of vision. My vision was affected without me realizing it. My left eye drooped alot more than my right eye. I had a tendency to raise my eyebrows which lifted the fat off my lids. She took pictures and submitted the results to the insurance company. They approved it.

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