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My eyelids were almost completely covered by excess skin. I didn't realize my vision was partially affected. I would raise my eyebrows alot to open my eyes up. I had surgery in a center by a dr who specialized in eyelid surgery. She made the incisions in the fold of the eyelid. They can't even be seen. I was sore afterwards, looked pretty gross for about 10 days but it was so worth it. I look so much younger, and I can see better. My insurance covered it.
You could have a condition called "Ptosis". It can be congential or acquired throughout the years do to aging/skin drooping.

Insurance can can cover this procedure OR some do both a cosmetic surgery to make the eyes look bigger which would not be covered by insurance.

You can see a ophthalmologist or a eyelid plastic surgeon. It depends if the muscles of your eyelids are causing the drooping or just the skin is overlapping the eyelid.
Oops sorry Gingertea, I didn't answer. I didn't really have headaches. I just hated the way I couldn't see my lids anymore and putting liner on wasn't easy any more. I was surprised to find out how much my lids blocked my vision as it was a gradual process.
The surgery took an hour. I spend another hour in recovery. I looked creepy because of the stitches. It hurt no doubt about it but it was bearable. I stayed in the house for a week. It just felt better to keep my eyes closed. I was able to go out with sunglasses on. It took about a month. She did a beautiful job. I was so afraid I would have that surprise look, but no it is very natural.

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