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I'm having a full tummy tuck in 3 weeks and I have a question. It seems that most people have a tuck done not because of fat but because of excess skin from weight loss or pregnancy. Even before I was pregnant I had a pooch, the pooch just got worse with my pregnancy. I will say that upper part of my abdomen now pooches out post pregnancy whereas before it didn't. Anyway, my question pertains to results if the problem is excess skin AND fat. I specifically asked my doctor if he thought I needed lipo and he said a full tuck would give me better results because of the loose muscles. My worry is that because he's not getting rid of any of the fat, that my stomach will still pooch out. I mean what's he going to do, flatten the fat out as he pulls the stomach skin down. I'm probably worrying too much because it's getting close and with the amount of money I'm spending, I want good results.

Did anyone have a tuck and you had a poochy stomach that was due to fat and not just loose skin and did you still get that flat stomach you were hoping for?

One more question - what kind of Spanx should I get?

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