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Post TT for 1&1/2 years now;:D Love It and wish I had done it earlier.

I have not heard of Spanx, but I think what ever you get, you should get it to come up high and not stop at the waist. Usually the skin is lifted fairly high up and you will need support to hold it back in place for adhering.
The garment you will get after surgery will probably be high up, and might be held together with velcro. Also, it could be a wrap type.

I purchased a pull up bodyshaper from Belks, it came all the way up under my breasts. It gave me strong support around my rib area, and waist and had a panel at the tummy area.
My PS said to purchase something that did come up high, and also to use as an alternate between washing the garments. Which you will want to wash as soon and as often as you can.

I could not find a body shaper with out I just took the staves out. It had hook & eyes in the crotch area and was more comfortable then the one I got from the hospital. I would alternate between the two.

ALSO.... made sure I wore it the required time.
MY PS told me six weeks, but other people have said they only were required for 4 weeks.

Good Luck and I know you will be happy!

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