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I'm trying to find the best surgeon possible. I've had my nose done several times already so I can't afford to make any mistakes this time, it's very important to me, so please only reply if you're genuine.

I've had my nose done about six months ago now. Aside of skill, and experience, I need a surgeon with an artistic eye, and most importantly - a surgeon who will give me what 'I' want, as opposed to what he himself finds attractive.

I want a 'cute' quite small nose, not necessarily the classic eu-natural look, but have no idea where to find a surgeon who can give me what I want. I've had my nose revised recently and all though it doesn't look bad, it's still not how I want it to be.

I wish I'd left it alone a long time ago, it's so awful when the thing you hate is right in the middle of your face. You just can't hide it.

If anyone has had their nose done recently, or knows someone who's had their nose 'revised', or especially if anybody knows of a surgeon who's well-known for doing 'cute' noses, I'd really appreciate it if you would message me back.


Kind Regards

Faye (UK)

P.S - am willing to travel.

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