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i can certainly feel for you faye.Ive had the exact same experience with 3 surgeries, the second was good but got injured afterward, the third a pure botch job from private clinic.He removed tissue witthout adding support and even removed the previous surgeons graft along with creating lots of bulky scar around the tip leaving many lumps and marked crookedness in the lower third of the nose.Thats just the physical part.
Ive had BDD for 17 years and it has got worse over time.I am nearly certain you have it too.Typical symptoms of social avoidance and extreme anxiety.I bet you also spend lots of time looking at it and ruminating about it.Ive atempted suicide several times with subsequent hospitalisations.I have zero quality of life as BDD has destroyed friendships,relations with women,work ,everything.
First thing ye need to do is see psychiatrist with specialism in anxiety diorders/OCD and he/she will manage your care.If near London theres none better than david veale,visit his website for lots of info,another good site is bdd central register with them and log on to the treatments forum for advice from specialist.Work without giving up at you therapy for prolonged time and along with meds should feel more control.If you still want to get surgery after therapy there are a few surgeons it seems are ahead of the pack in revision rhino.They are Dai Davies, Julian Rowe Jones and Basim Maati.Look them up on the net.Make absolutely sure they know exactly which aspects of the nose you dislike and do not be overly anxious or demanding of the surgeon,it really puts them off.Also let your goal be impovement not perfection,it really is a difficult operation to perform.Be aware that some surgeons will refuse to operate if they suspect you have BDD.Youd have to wait at least 1 year from your previous surgery by the way for scar maturation.

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