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I guess I'm asking because I had my nose botched up a few years ago. I've had several revision surgerie's to try and get it back to how it used to be, but to no avail. At the moment it's so bad, I just can't face people anymore, and so live my life very much as a recluse. I feel so depressed, and nobody understands. It's easy for people to suggest councilling, but I know in my heart if I was happy with my nose again I'd be a new person. My confidence has been shattered.

It'd be really good to hear from somebody who's been through the same thing, or who is in a similar situation; as sometimes it feels as if I'm on my own, and that nobody understands me.

It's such a shame that there are surgeon's out there who can do this to people, I just hope anyone reading this who is contemplating surgery, thinks twice, and makes sure they do their research 100%... photo's, back-ground checks, word of mouth, message boards (remember surgeon's websites are 'biased', they're made by people who work close with the surgeon, and are there to sell their services to you! Also, remember that 'occassionally' it has been known for surgeon's receptionists/marketing teams, to leave false praise on some boards; so my advice would be to look at the majority of opinions, rather than just one good one.

I hope this helps at least one person, and if there's anyone out there who's in my situation, it'd be good to hear from you.


I haven't been around the board for 5-months but I just read my own story when I read yours, I'm going through the very same thing
Please reply because I would love to hear from you, maybe we can help each other
Look forward to hearing from you
Debora E.
Hey Faye,
Just wondering if you got my post?
Would love to talk to you since we are both going through the same thing!
Looking forward to hearing from you
Peace, Debore E.
Hey Faye24uk
Just wondering if your still posting I was looking forward to chatting with you
Hope your doing better
Hugz, Debora E.
Hi, Debora E, I don't have any experience myself with rhinoplasty but one of my daughters has. She had this procedure a few years ago and has never been happy, not because of how it looks, because it is lovely, but she says that she has never been able to breathe properly since the operation and she wonders if her septum was damaged during the operation. Do you have any experience with anything like this?

I have tried to persuade her to see our GP or another cosmetic surgeon (the one who performed her operation has since retired) but she says she can't face it. :(

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