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Re: Plastic surgery
Apr 13, 2008
:) Dear Spirit, good luck I had all those things done, except lipo of the thighs, just the flanks, had tt, ba, at one time and two years later had upper and lower eyes done, neck lift and mini face lift. Would do it in a heart beat again, yes some of it was uncomfortable and trust me I'm a baby and can't stand any pain but I swear it wasn't that bad, the elevating of the head was bad, because it was hard to sleep, but I put a travel pillow under my chin and stuffed pillows around my head so I rested on them, but when I went back to docs three days later to remove the bandages, they told me I could lay flatter than I thought, it is about a 40 degree angle I was pratically sitting up and that helped. The lipo was probably the most painful for the first 2 weeks, but move around I feel that maybe I didn't move enough and had to have lymphage massage which really helped with the healing. anyway just remember every day you get better, drink alot of water after surgery and take arnica and the vitamins they recommend, it really healps, I didn't do this the first time, but did it the second. And DO WHAT THEY SAY trust me the second time the doc said do not bend over and don't do anything that would raise my blood pressure, well on the fourth day, I decided to drive to the grocery store, well I pratically had a panic attack because I wasn't ready and then developed a severe horrible bruise on my left cheek and is somewhat still there, having the IPL light facial tommorrow to try to break up the blood vessels. anyway good luck keep us posted.

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