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[QUOTE=dotty10;3515056]Sara - My left ear along with my scalp is very numb and I am lead to believe from my PS that this is very normal. Unfortunately this numbness was never mentioned to me by the PS. Most Internet information usually says that the numbness is to be expected, but usually cover themselves by saying this will last 2 weeks to a few months. Well since this is my forth month I hope the numbness goes soon, as it does worry me some. I try not to think about it and spend a lot of my time at the Gym. I do hope that the ENT specialist reasures you that there is nothing for you to worry about. If this numbness goes eventually I will be quite happy with my facelift.

Regards Dotty[/QUOTE]

I, too, have the numbness. Mine is at the cheekbones and in front of both ears. I get a lot of tingling in these areas also. I am 2 months post-op. But, everyday it seems to feel just a little bit better.

There are alot of things the PS does not tell the patient before the surgery. I really did not get much information on the things to expect. But, all-in-all, I would do it, again. I just hope these results last a long time and the numbness goes away completely.

Yesterday I saw the ENT Doctor and he cleaned out the ear and said it was wax. Very ironic that it did not bother me before the surgery. First he put peroxide in it to soften what was in there, then he scraped it off and then used some type of suction to suction it out. I feel much better and do not hear the fluid anymore. He reassured me my ear was okay so that was very good.

Take care and thank you SO much for all the information. Get back to me a let me know how you feel.


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