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I have an appointment with Dr. Marten, and I'm now wondering if I should cancel it. I had abdominal liposuction and a breast lift (with slight reduction on one side) by Dr. Chang in San Francisco. Like one of the members, I now question why several surgeons would recommend aggressive procedures (eg, the breast surgery left me with significant scars) when my original situation wasn't that bad. But what bothers me most is that I now gain weight in other parts of my body (arms, face) to a greater degree, and I also feel that it's harder to maintain my previous weight, even though I'm eating the same. (The December 2004 Journal of Plastic Surgeon - or some name like that - published a study that showed that most people's weight increased by 5 to 10 lbs one year after lipo, despite no change in diet.) So the combo of a greater propensity to gain weight plus the redistribution factor has made me feel that my face looks significantly worse. It has devastated me, and I'm trying to live with it, but I feel pretty determined that I want to fix my face. It scares me, beyond belief, that I could end up looking even worse. One has to just look at some of the celebrities (who have enough money to go to the best) to know that the result can be dreadful.
Now that I'm done ranting, my question is How does one find a great plastic surgeon? I know that Dr. Marten is highly regarded, but I also know that people's aesthetic sense varies. Some people think Madonna's latest work looks great - I think she's looking like a paper mache (sp?) doll.
To the person who's looking for a facial plastic surgeon, can you let me know if you find a good one? (And I will do the same.) A journalist (she did a piece on an LA plastic surgeon) recommended Dr. Marten, Dr. Issa Eshima, and Dr. John Owsley (who is over 80). I'm looking to have a small amount of work done for a extremely subtle, natural look.
Thanks for reading!

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