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I had the Life Style lift in December of 2007. Their information and commercials are very deceiving. They give you a valium pill that didn;t relax me in the least. After 1 hour of shots to numb the face, my whole body was shaking. When he was performing the surgery, I could hear and smell everything he was doing, including burning the skin around my ears. After 4 hours, I was wrapped up in bandages and let out a back door. It was horrible sleeping that night. Had to sit up. Long story short, it did tighten my jawline but still left me with 2 little pouches of fat near my chin. The scars are completely gone and cannot be seen, But be prepared to be out of work for 2 weeks or more. I had to stay out a total of 3 weeks. My opinion is to get a regular face lift even though it costs much more. Any other questions, I will be glad to reply. By the way I am 53 years old. Good luck, Linda

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