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If you had a rhinoplasty, and were displeased with the outcome, would you go back to the same surgeon to have a revision?

I had one about six years ago, and I hate the results. It's crooked. I can't breath. It looks cartoonish. It just gives me the impression that the surgeon lacked skill or vision, or just didn't care. It actually reminds me of the cartoon Doonesbury.

However, I have been corresponding with another surgeon, whose skill in rhinoplasty revision seems to be pretty respected by the online community, and he actually recommended that I go back to my original surgeon.

That makes me pretty nervous, considering how bad I think he did the first time. Revisions are supposed to be even more difficult. But, if this expert surgeon is recommending I go back then there must be something I'm missing. Anyone have any opinion or perspective?
I was in the same situation as you. I had a bad primary surgery. Was told to go back to the same surgeon and I did. That is a huge regret!! I suggest consulting with a couple more doctors. I am seeking a revisionist now, but the surgery is more complex since I have had 2 already. Good luck.
It seems a lot of us are in the same boat. It is definitely a bad place to be. I thank everybody for the advice.

[QUOTE=canadadiva;3756550]I haven't heard so many good things about Tourimi. The revisionists I have consulted with charge: 6500, 5500, 9000.[/QUOTE]

Do you mind me asking who the surgeons are that charge 6500 and 5500?

The surgeons I've looked into are Doctors Toriumi, Becker - both of whom are too expensive for me, which is too bad because Dr. Becker's revision pictures really impressed me - and Guyuron, whom I have not yet received an amount from. Dr. Guyuron is the one who recommended that I go back to the same surgeon. I got a pretty good impression of Dr. Guyuron from the few emails he sent me.

Does anyone know of any revisionists on the east coast that are a little more affordable?

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