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Jamie, I don't know a rhinoplasty specialist in Charlotte, unfortunately.

This is the best place to look:

*** [COLOR="Blue"]deleted[/COLOR] *** Then start calling and asking for a doc who specializes in rhinoplasty. That's the absolute best way. You want someone who does at least one or two a week, not someone who just does them every once in awhile.

Be sure to ask approximate TOTAL price, but I warn you: rhinoplasties are done in two techniques: open and closed. They won't know on the phone which one your nose needs. Therefore, they should not quote you a price over the phone. ALSO some offices charge different prices depending on WHERE the surgery is performed (office vs hospital) and whether they use nurse anesthetists or board certified MD anesthesiologists. It's your face, so don't scrimp on a few dollars just to get the rock bottom price. It's not like lipo or a boob job where you wear clothing that covers the area; this is your face, and everybody will see it. So you want the best doc. Trust me, it's worth the money because if you get a bad job, you end up spending again to get a better doc to fix it.

Hope that helps,

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