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There should not be much brusing but I would just use cool washclothes (not freezing nor hot) this is what I was told and helped me. I would question the brusing if its a lot or all over -should just be a tiny bit by insert area if any - because that in itself will cause more vessels to break.
I, too, bruised very badly and am still bruised and sore nearly one month after the injections. In fact, some veins are worse after the injections.

The doc was not truthful about the pain level, the amount of bruising, or the fact that some veins might be worse after treatment.

I would not do it again; nor would it do it if I knew what I know now.

How are you doing now?
Sounds like you need to find a different Dr. , Any Dr. can do the injections even a Dentist or Eye Dr. that hasn't had any extra training because no one says they can't. You have to ask a lot of questions about training, is this all they do, how many veins injected at one time (not a few like 10 and charge you 300.00 dollars) and what kind of solution since there are several kinds and that can make a big differance, are they doing the veins that cause the leaking before they do the veins you see, if not you are spinning your wheels. Also if you find a good Dr. and they go away you can almost be sure you will get more. Its like wrinkles that you get rid of but more pop up. Plan on going once or twice a year for upkeep.
I start taking Arnica a day or so before I have my injections and that seems to help some but I bruise easily so this doesn't solve it 100%.

You are wearing compression hose for 3-4 days after you have your injections, right? That is critical.

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