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This is so co-incidental. I am actually getting my spider veins done next week. I had them done 4 years ago with a combination of laser and injections. I also used a vascular surgeons office. It was the PA who does them. I am going back to the same person again but he moved from one vascular surgeons office to another and now he only does injections. The reasons that I am going again is because you always get new ones. So four years later I need it all done again. But in answer to your questions, I remember having some brown spots that took a long time to go away. One of them I think took almost a year. I don't remember the blue color that you are talking about. If I did have that it probably went away quick because I think I would remember. Did your doctor wrap your legs after the treatment and did he tell you that you must wear support hose after the treatment for as long as possible? My dr insists on support hose not only after the treatment but he feel people with out problem should wear support hose all the time. I do not do that. They are a pain in the neck to put on and take off. I live in the NY area. If you put shorts on already, I suspect that you live in a warm climate. Which would mean that you would not want to be wearing support hose. I would love to hear back from you. Good luck. LaLa[/QUOTE]
Hi There - Thanks for responding so rapidly! Interesting that you mention support hose. My doctor ace bandaged my legs (very tightly - ouch), told me to elevate them for 24 hours, and to then take the bandages off and resume normal activity. I thought this was so odd since I had read on so many sclerotherapy sights that many doctors require support hose for several days and/or walking around a lot. When I asked my doctor about the support hose he said that this technique was no longer used for those with minor vein issues (as opposed to major varicose veins). I did look around a bit more and found some sclerotherapy sites that did say that compression is no longer used in all cases. But perhaps that did have something to do with it. I do live in a warm climate (North Carolina) and am sort of blue that, at this point, my legs are not shorts-worthy. I was so looking forward to wearing shorts this summer! But, again, if I just knew for sure that my marks would eventually fade and that I could go on to get rid of the additional veins, I would be a very happy camper. I wish you the best of luck with your treatments! And thanks very much for telling me that the brown streak faded, even if it did take a year. That makes me hopeful. One more thing - in general, I am quick to get black and blue marks and they are slow to fade so i am hoping this is par for the course for me. I was vacationing in Amsterdam 3 summers ago and someone accidently pushed me into a bike rack. I had an enormous black and blue mark that lasted about 4 or 5 months!
Hi All,

This is my continuing spider vein saga... after having 2 veinwave sessions in Feb and April of 2010 in Wilmington NC to treat additional and significant veins that appeared after a doctor in Cary, NC gave me very painful saline injections in Jan of 2010, I went for another veinwave session in Wilmington plus, this time, polidaconal sclerotherapy as well and voila! The additional veins that had appeared totally faded out! It was amazing! I was left with a slightly pinkish area of skin which compared to what I had was really great. After that session, I went back to the Wilmington doctor to have other areas of my legs treated with veinwave. I counted 350 zaps. They hurt but I squeezed two squeezeballs and counted each zap which, oddly enough,helped me get through it (Hello! All the hype about veinwave not hurting is not true - at least for me! I find them much more painful than polidaconal injections albeit not as bad as saline injections. And I hear that the ones on the face are even more painful). I also received some additional polidacanol injections. This time, my legs looked worse even after waiting a couple of months for bruising to fade! So, a few months later I went back and the doctor (who is a really caring, and gentle physician) said that we would really try to go after my resistant veins but that I should come in every week for the next few weeks. He could only give me 3cc's of polidaconal at one time which limited the amount of area on my legs that he could treat in one session, so we decided to attack different areas over the course of different sessions. So, I went for the next two weeks for combos of veinwave and polidaconal sclerotherapy, treating different areas of my legs across sessions (note: they cannot veinwave areas they have injected so they veinwave around those areas), and, again, I am starting to see improvement! Now the doctor asked that I wait for at least a month until the latest bruising fades so we can see what we are left with to treat. What I have learned from all of this is that I am one of those resistant cases (I have very tiny veins and lots of them, and many bluish splotchy areas) and that this treatment requires persistence, patience, and the willingness and ability to pay for multiple treatments. I have also learned that there is no magic bullet for spider vein treatment, that different doctors have different philosophies (saline vs polidacanol, compression hose vs no hose, elevation vs walking, etc), that my response to treatment may be completely different from yours, that my experience of pain my be completely different from yours.... and I have learned that it is highly unlikely that patient's will need only 1 or even 2 treatments. This is a long term commitment. Finally, "success" is relative in that my definition of it may be quite different than someone else's.

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