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So I am in need of a 3rd revision rhinoplasty. The last doctor I went to built up my nose from what the first doctor did, but it's got a lot of problems and doesn't look good. I consulted with a few doctors that I hear are good from these message boards.

The first plastic surgeon I saw was Nassif. After speaking with him, I didn't feel he was really listening and felt like he tried to rush me out. I saw his before and after of my nose on his computer and it was the opposite of what I told him I wanted. He didn't explain what he was going to do in detail either. After I left his office I felt so uncomfortable and felt like we didn't meet eye to eye.

The second surgeon I visited was Andrew Frankel. I felt he went over things in complete detail. He was totally in tune with what I was saying and I felt confident he knew what I wanted. He spent a lot of time with me and I left thinking to myself...okay now I feel like someone knows what they're doing.

I went in to get a third opinion from Dr. Rollin Daniels. He also spent a lot of time with me, but his approach and Dr. Frankel's approach were totally different. Dr. Frankel said he would use rib, but Dr. Daniels said he wouldn't because it would make my nose bigger and wider. I'm very petite and small framed, so I can understand why he said that. He then suggested I get a chin implant where the other doctors did say anything about. He said he would do it for free.

I started to look more into these doctors I went to and found some information about them that left me feeling like I'm back at square 1.

The most surprising was reading on different boards how Dr. Paul Nassif promotes himself using these message boards! I hear he not only advertises heavily on-line, but also he and his staff write things pretending to be either patients or regular people giving advice.

I then also read about how Dr. Daniels and Nassif had some negative reviews on RateMD that were somehow taken down...hmm.

I then read about a few people that didn't like Frankel's surgeries.

I feel like everytime I find a doctor that sounds good, I then read something bad. I want this to be my final surgery. I want to be sure that I find the right person. Has anyone used any of the docs I listed or does anyone else have any suggestions on revision docs? Now everytime I read something good about a doctor, I wonder if it's true or if it's one of their staff writing something. EEK! Very frustrating!

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