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I am searching for a Board Certified Oculoplastic Surgeon or Plastic Surgeon to perform upper blepharoplasty or asian eyelid surgery. Does anyone have a personal experience with a doctor, preferably in California? I had a horrible initial consulation with Dr. Meronk in Oxnard. He is all over the internet, but was literally the most unprofessional, rude, condescending man I've really ever met. For anyone who is looking, DO NOT go see him. He does not care about his patients AT ALL! I was shocked at the experience. I'm so glad I did the in-person consultation (I'm from out of town) because it saved me a huge headache. He is also NOT board certified in plastic surgery and had a malpractice suit, which is not a good sign. Please let me know if anyone has a good personal recommendation on other surgeons in the area or anywhere in California.
I just had an upper eyelid revision by Dr. Meronk. I was very displeased. I should never have attempted this again. He was rude and condescending. Not only that, but when we went for surgery, he did as little as possible and placed the fat low on my one eye versus where it was removed in the first place. And I can't tell that he put any in the other. With his credentials, I expected him to be thorough, meticulous and care about his craft. I was very disappointed in his lack of care for his patients. He did not even tell me how it went nor say good bye. he just sewed it up, I never got to look, and he walked out of the room. Please be careful whoever is deciding to redo something that is already done. Learn to live with your mistake and love what is left of your beauty. It can get worse. I regret I regret I regret.
Good luck to you all.

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