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Hello there.

11 years ago I had breast agumentation(?) surgery. After my first baby and going from a size 32B to a size 34G (while breastfeeding) and back down to a size 34A (when I was done breastfeeding after a year) I wanted at least some of my boobs back.

So I had implants put in. Silicone implants back in Germany. 350 )left side) and 400 (right side). Loved them after the swelling and pain where gone. Perfect 34DD's.

Fast forward to now and I hate my boobs. I gained quite some weight since I first had them done (back then I was 115lbs. I am 5,7) and am currently inbetween a size 4 and 6 at 145lbs. Just gained 10lbs on my new BCP. That is a ifferent story thought.

Me and my husband have a 4 1/2 year old son together and I gained lots of weight during my pregnancy and did not really loose much afterwards. Untill recently I was a size 12 and weighted in between 175lbs and 180lbs.

Our son was breastfed for quite some time (29 month) and that in combination with extreme weigh gain and then loss again took their toll on my chest.

My breasts look like two empty sags and then there is the implant dangeling in them. At least I feel that way. I have some areas tjat look like there are wrinkles in the implant. It just is not what I want. My husband assures me it looks fine but I am starting to get very deoressed about the look of my breasts.

The implants are above the muscle if that makes any difference.

Just had an ultrasound amd mammogram done a week ago and all seemed fine. That was good news. But I know I need them replaced. Replaced and lifted.

Has any of you had this done? How is the scaring? The pain? The look afterwards? I want them to be up again and not be hanging and dangeling around. I do not want to have dents and wrinkles in the implants.

Every time I get a glimps of my breasts in the mirror I cry.

Of course I do know that they will never look perfect again. Not after having to get them lifted and with the scars it will leave. But I hope I will at least be happy with the shape and where they will "be".

Cost wise it it realistic to think it will cost anywhere between $8.000 to $12.000? We are in South Texas if that matters.

Thank you for all help with this question in advance. This is major surgery so of course I am worried a bit.

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