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... And I saw a post mentioning Dr. Meronk for asian blepharoplasty. But I'm still not sure if he's the best surgeon to go to with this procedure. Has anyone had experience with him? ... (5 replies)
... Hi, I have not heard of Dr. Meronk, but I recently saw Dr. Steinsapir in the LA area to fix prior bad eyelid surgery. He was fantastic! I thought after the first surgery was botched I had made the biggest mistake of my life trying to get cosmetic surgery, but I got lucky I guess. (1 replies)
... Has anybody had any experience with Dr. Meronk? I am considering upper eyelid surgery. Since I will be travelling from Europe to the USA I would like to make sure that he is very experienced and an extremely good surgeon. (1 replies)

... I am considering Dr. Frank Meronk, Jr. for bleph. He is in Ventura/Oxnard California. Has anyone used him, or knows someone who did? I'm a little nervous and would like any feedback, goor or bad. Thanks!! (3 replies)
... Big fat lie. He tells many of his patients that his malpractise is due to eye infection. Well, ask him to tell you the truth. 2002 - Robalino v. Meronk Ventura Superior Court, Case No. CIV202457 Mr. Johnson tried this medical malpractice case involving a negligently performed surgery near the eye in which the surgeon accidentally pierced the eye with a needle. The... (3 replies)
... Come on someone must have experience with Dr. Meronk. He is a big time eye doctor...Please share what you know.... (1 replies)
... Hi jennc! I haven't had a chance to schedule a consulation with either doctors but I'm leaning towards Dr. Toriumi since he is one of the best in rhino. I'm not sure if he's good at asian blepharoplasty but it would be better if he is good at that as well so we dont have to go to other doctors for that procedure. With the blepharoplasty, there was a post here but I dont know... (5 replies)
... Hi Young Princess, I must have found the same websites as you. I, too, am asian and have a consult with Dr. Toriumi for Rhino and eyelid in October. I have seen dr. Meronks website and plan on scheduling a consult with him also. I heard that Toriumi is expensive but he is very experienced with asian noses. Have you already consulted with either of them? Jenn (5 replies)
... I had my revision rhinoplasty with Dr. Toriumi about 2 years ago. I can tell you that it cost around 11000 or maybe 12000. I don't remember the exact number. I am certain that every situation is different and the charges are different. Each patient takes a different amount of time and effort depending on your situation. So no one can tell you here how much you would have... (5 replies)
... Have a consultation with Dr Laurie McCall in Ventura. Top of her class at the Stein Eye Institue. She is very, very good. Her husband Dr Bern is a plastic surgeon. They do hold free seminars but I would suggest to just go see her. ... (3 replies)
... Young princess, I can't really say which doctor would be best for primary rhino. Definitely look at before and afters and get a sense of what your physician strives for. There are probably lots of competent doctors out there who would be good. There are lots of recommendations on this board. It is always harder to do revisions and so that is a lot of why there is so... (5 replies)
... Hi Elle! I appreciate your input and I do plan to go to the best that's why I'm considering Dr. Toriumi. I hope he's as good with primary rhino surgery as he is with revisions. As with the cost, Im pretty sure he's expensive but just wanted a price range as my parents would be paying for it hehe. Anyway, thanks for sharing your experience. :) (5 replies)
... Anyone use this doctor? I want my eyes done and was planning on traveling to see Dr. Meronk. Just got a referral to Dr. Jedrzynski and was wondering if anyone has input.....he is much closer tro where I live. He would be easier to use but I want to make a wise decision ...not one based on convenience. (0 replies)
... Hi Minny! I also just found out bout Dr. Meronk and Dr. Charles Lee. But I read somewhere that Dr. Meronk had a malpractice case or something so I'm skipping him. I saw Dr. Charles Lee's asian blepharoplasty in his website and I like one of his works. ... (3 replies)
... Hi. I think someone on this message board really has it out for Dr. Meronk since I keep seeing the same EXACT post in differenet places (probably somebody in another doctor's office). Anyway, I know about the case because I asked him. An older man having corrective surgery (?lid cancer or scarring or soemthing like that) at the hospital ended up with a bad eye infection.... (3 replies)
... the matter. Had to do with an eye infection picked up in the hospital by somebody having reconstruction after cancer removal. Nothing to do with cosmetics. Also, Meronk did a fellowship in oculoplastic surgery and does nothing else. He does a ton of lid surgery but no surgeon is ever perfect. Heard Groth is good too. Hoenig too. ... (5 replies)
... eyelid surgery in the L.A. area. The names I've gotten so far are Dr. Groth, Dr. Meronk and Dr. ... (2 replies)
... I am looking for a good eye repair specialist. Has anyone had experience with any of these docs? Please let me know! (5 replies)
... I have heard a lot about Dr Meronk and Dr Charles Lee, they are both considered to be leaders in the field. I am also planning an Asian surgery and am researching the subject. ... (3 replies)
... I just had an upper eyelid revision by Dr. Meronk. I was very displeased. I should never have attempted this again. He was rude and condescending. Not only that, but when we went for surgery, he did as little as possible and placed the fat low on my one eye versus where it was removed in the first place. And I can't tell that he put any in the other. With his credentials,... (4 replies)

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