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... Read the previous posts , There are 2 people who had unsatisfactory results including myself who used Tabbal. He is not a revisionist which he claims to be. He made my problems worse not better. (32 replies)
... why did you decide to go with Tabbal? Who else did you have consults with. I am trying to find a great doc for a primary. For minor work, just some refining (32 replies)
... Whonose, I'm so terribly sorry to hear your situation. It sounds awful and it makes me question whther or not I'll do it. I need very subtly changes and god forbid someone ruined me I would be a mess. You've convinced me not to go with Tabbal. I hear Nassif and Kanodia in LA are very good. (32 replies)

... I totally agree with you. I had a primary that went wrong for many reasons and not directly cause of the surgeon. I am considering Tabbal since so many have mentioned him but he does not give before and afters which I dont't know why. But I was wondering.... ... (32 replies)
... and with dr. nicholas tabbal next week. any feedback is appreciated. thanks! ... (5 replies)
... I have heard all good things about him and I had my consult about two weeks ago. I really liked his before and afters, it looks like he's particularly good at correcting complicated cases. He showed me what he wanted to do on me and I really liked it. I have my surgery scheduled already and I will post when it's finished. The only downside so far is the cost. Because he has to... (32 replies)
... The patient who died wasnt it Olivier Goldsmith? i am from uk and too am desperate to find a surgeon for revision surgery just on the tip of me nose and to stop the bleeding ive had for 3 years from a botched primary nose job with dr Michael Sachs(dont know how he earnt the title cosmetic surgeon) HES RUBBISH.Ruined my nose.Do u think John Shermans any good? im so confused! (32 replies)
... Speaking of Dr.Pastorek,I consulted with him recently and found him to be very honest and thorough.I believe the patient of his who died at Manhatten Eye actually died before he even touched her. (32 replies)
... Hi Whonose! I live in LA. But I have family in New York. That's why I was looking at both though I would prefer to do it in LA. My only fear is that the LA doctors are very aggressive since everyone and their mother has work done here, so I'm just a little skeptical. I tend to think that if the doctor is a little conservative then it's better. Do you know any great doctors in... (32 replies)
... I haven't been to any doctors yet, just a lot of internet researching. Right now i am trying to narrow it down to a couple of doctors.I got Dr Norman Pastorek, and Dr. Nicholas Tabbal. ... (2 replies)
... I used Dr. Nicholas Tabbal, over time my tip became bulbous also, he refined the tip without changing the way I looked. ... (2 replies)
... Umm, I don't really know if he's going to use kwire? Maybe I should ask, lol. I'll def. let you know how it goes... thanks for the happy vibes =) ! (32 replies)
... Good Luck to you CT and all the best.. Im sure everything will work out in your favor, and you never have to visit these boards again! Is gunter going to use Kwire along with the rib? I liked his before and after pictures too, The only thing that is stopping me from using him , is the kwire, he is the only doctor that uses it, so I am alittle hestitant. keep us posted..... (32 replies)
... Hey AK, but if you do digital imaging, how can they possibly duplicate it? I don't imagine that they can. It's a guide, but I'm wary of that Why were you unhappy? Did you have a revision? Would you say his aesthetics aren't great? Would you recommend any other docs, in NY or LA? (32 replies)
... oh my god, are you serious??? I am so so sorry to hear that. Would you mind telling me a bit more about your experience? It will be my first and of course I'm praying my only surgery. I need very minor work, so I'm trying to find the best doctor. (32 replies)
... Does anyone know what celebrities he's done? I want to know who did J Lo's and Sarah Jessica Parker's noses. They both look really natural and you can't evern tell they had them done. Also who's the best in LA? (32 replies)
... Nayna- I didn't know that they even did rhinoplasties without you being under general anesthesia. I would not consider being awake for such a surgery. I've had both jaw and dental surgeries. For me, dental has been ok to be awake; I'm even awake during colonoscopies, but for the breaking of bones - no way. (32 replies)
... From the doctors you listed, I've visited with Dr. Tabbal, and met one of his patients. Very natural job. The girl had an alar base reduction, and some tip work. No scarring. He puts you on a regimen prior to surgery consisting of vitamin K and some other stuff. (2 replies)
Jul 8, 2003
... Does anyone have any experience with John Sherman, Steven Pearlman, or Nicholas Tabbal, Mark Ehrlich, or Laurence Kirwan? ... (4 replies)

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