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... ounds as if they had great experiences with him. Their noses look great too! Although I don't need my nose done, I'm actually thinking of seeing his brother, Dr. Philip Godfrey in consultation regarding breast augmentation. One of the two friends I mentioned had her breasts done by him on the same day Dr. ... (15 replies)
... message board to try to find info. on Dr. Philip Miller. You're the first person to mention his name. ... (16 replies)
... Hey, I'm considering doing a rhino with Norman Godfrey and was wondering if you'd be able to email me or private message me with your experience? ... (16 replies)

... ponded to you. Your age is not an issue. My mother had breast reducion at the age of 57! It was important for her and she decided to have it done. She choose Dr. Philip Godfrey in New York where she lives. It gave her a new lease on her confidence and general life. However, the smoking is indeed an issue. ... (9 replies)
... Hello there, I hear that Dr. Norman Godfrey is the one to see. His office is in New York. ... (2 replies)
... For those of you who wanted to know about my consult. with Dr. Philip Miller (NY): The consultation itself was very patient oriented. Dr. Miller listened to me. He was VERY interested in what I had to say. My desires and dreams about what I want my nose to look like. Also, my fears and my concerns. He wrote it all down. I was candid as candid can be. I mean, I looked... (16 replies)
... Had my nose done by Dr. Norman Godfrey and the result is amazing.He is a Great doctor and really cares about his patients.His office is well run and private. ... (16 replies)
... Hey, I had a rhinoplasty with Dr. Norman Godfrey. I am happy with my result. He operates out of hospitals only - I had mine done where he is the head of plastic surgery - NY Hospital in Queens. Have you met with him yet? (16 replies)
... The consultation was $250 (I know, very expensive). The $250 includes 2 consultations (Initial and follow-up). Just from experience I tell you that talking to a surgeon once is not enough, so a 2nd and even 3rd consultation is a very good idea. Yes, I saw before and after pics. of revision rhinoplasties. He didn't have a lot, but enough for me to form an idea. All his... (16 replies)
... How much is a consultation with Dr. Philip Miller? ... (16 replies)
... I am in my second week of recovery from a Rhinoplasty given by Dr. Philip Miller. It was truly a wonderful experience over all. ... (16 replies)
... I had a tummytuck by Dr. Philip Godfrey in New York City a few years ago when I used to live up there. ... (6 replies)
... Hello. I would be interested in any experiences with Drs. Philip Miller or Norman Godfrey. ... (16 replies)
... Hello. I had my consult with Dr. Godfrey. He was very thorough. He also expressed strong views about what ought to be done. I'm deciding between Miller and Godfrey, and leaning towards Miller right now. I just got a better vibe from him. (16 replies)
... Hey Leslie.. was wondering if you can tell me about your experience with Dr.Godfrey. I actually have a procedure scheduled with him but hoped you had some reassuring words! (16 replies)
... Hi, I've had my 2nd consultation with Dr. Godfrey and feel very comfortable with him - just feel a bit unsure about the frontal view of my picture. Was wondering if anyone had any comments about experiences with his work? (16 replies)
... I have not made a consultation appointment with Dr. Miller yet, but from what I'm hearing about him, I would really like to make one soon. I have been to numerous other consultations with other doctors, such as Dr. Tobias, Dr. Barek and Dr. Jetter, but I have yet to find a doctor that I feel completely comfortable with and that I agree with the procedures they want to perform.... (16 replies)
... How did you find out about Dr. Miller? Also you posted that when you had your consultation, you said that if he wasn't the right person for the job, you would just leave your nose alone, what was his comments to that, was he encouraging to go ahead with the procedure? I said this exact same thing to a doctor during a consultation and he said that it would be unfair to myself... (16 replies)
... how long do you have to wait to schedule a consultation for him, do they usually have one available in like a couple of weeks or a in the area of a couple of months?? Also, what is the price range by him? Thanx:) It took me only a couple of weeks to schedule mine. The quote for my revision was around $10,000. I had my 2nd. consultation with him already. He was vey... (16 replies)
... hey, i'm also considering Dr. Miller for my rhinoplasty so i would love to hear more about the second part of your consultation. questions-- how long do you have to wait to schedule a consultation for him, do they usually have one available in like a couple of weeks or a in the area of a couple of months?? Also, what is the price range by him? Thanx:) (16 replies)

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