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... I'm getting juvaderm for the creases under my eye/on top of cheek. How much swelling/bruising should I expect & for how long? I'm taking off the rest of the week. Will I be okay for work on Monday? Is it painful enough that you need to take advil or stronger pain pills?? (7 replies)
... Well, I haven't done the juvaderm or any filler in my lips - but my friends swear by the juvaderm for the nasolabial folds (the lines around the mouth) and it lasts about 18 mo. I think it costs about the same as Restylane which would be about $500 per syringe I guess - most people need a minimal of 2 syringes. Again, one friend used to do the Restylane but it only lasted... (3 replies)
... I now have serious "caving in", where I have had cortisone injection. I have now had TWO syringe fulls of Juvaderm to fill in the "holes", and I still do not look great. ... (2 replies)

... I know someone who is allergic to novacane & she gets deathly ill, she doesn't swell. I guess everybody's allergic could be different! Good Luck Jill (2 replies)
... Two days ago i had my lips enhanced with juvaderm. Besides one bruise near my lip my lips look great. The only problem is that my entire chin is swollen( more so on my left side). Novacane was injected many times inside my mouth where my gums and inner skin meet. This is the second time this has happened to me (same dr.). The first time he injected novacane with a blood... (2 replies)
... You must have an incredible pain tolerance or tough skin-your very lucky. (7 replies)
... Everytime I have had Restylane done in my face around my mouth, I have had a block after the numbing cream. It hurt some but the worst was just thinking about it. The last time I had it done by a different dr and he only uses the numbing cream but it was rubbed in. I said ow when he did my lips but I was shocked that it wasn't as painful and it certainly was alot faster (7 replies)
... I found the dental block most painful and even with that I was almost climbing out of the chaie. I had mine done Monday and most of the bruising is gone now, still a littlen swollen, but I'm happy witht the work I had done. Happy you are satisfied with yours too. What a fabulous invention! (7 replies)
... I got it done yesterday. So far no bruising, but my left eye is more swollen than the right one. I'm getting nervous that the right side feels so normal & the left doesn't. Doc said this is normal. The creases are dramatically reduced, but they don't completely disappear. But I'm satisfied since I no longer look so tired. The dental block was the worst part for me &... (7 replies)
... oh your so fortunate yours did not hurt! (7 replies)
... check with the doctor regarding taking advil. It is usually recommended to only use tylenol because of bleeding under the skin...bruising. It hurts but I think stubbing a toe hurts more (7 replies)
... Hi Brandy: I had Teosyal Deep done yesterday for the droopy corners of my chin under my lips and I am bruised pretty good as well the inside and outside of my mouth are quite sore. I have never heard of deep injectables done under the eye but I figure if I had that done I would be very bruised. I had botox done around my eyes, frown lin between the nose etc and no bruising but... (7 replies)
... I'd like to hear about how you progress. I'm thinking about getting a lower face/neck lift. I'm worried about the scarring, so, I'll be interested to see how your scars heal and how your neck heals. The only lip injections that I've had have been Restylane and Juvaderm. I had that duck lip look and it does subside. Did you get fat grafting in your cheek area? I hope you... (33 replies)
... Restylane is effective, but only if you use more than 1cc, at about $500/injection. Juvaderm is good, though it's more, at about $550+/injection. Have realistic expectations and use more than one syringe and get biannual maintenance injections, at about 1cc+/6months. I see a dermatologist, who usually charges less than a plastic surgeon. In fact, I saw a plastic surgeon as... (3 replies)
... There are always the good fillers such as Juvaderm or Restylane. They aren't permanent either but with it being your first time, you may want to see how everything will look. ... (3 replies)
... minutes. I accidently rubbed my lips and got it under my nose. I'm kinda glad I did that cause I've been wanting to get Juvaderm in my lips but been to scared of the pain. While my lips were numb I could still feel when I pinched them with my nails. ... (5 replies)

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