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... Following pelvic bladder sling procedure, my upper lip on right side is slightly swollen and numb. I noticed this the day after surgery. Is this a symptom of something worse to come? ... (1 replies)
... tarted. If the mri showed a herniated disc that is a strange coincidence. If you didn't have any of the problems as you described them before surgery, and then after surgery they all came about, it seems to me that the discomfort you're having is connected to the surgery, unless the disc was damaged during surgery!! ... (22 replies)
... shots of steriods after surgery. ... (6 replies)

... i had nose surgery and underneth my nose is was numb. its completly normal and it should go away 6 months after the surgery. My went away around that time so you should nothing to worry about. ... (3 replies)
... On Friday, April 21, I had surgery which involved moving a chin implant that had slipped out of place. When I originally got the implant last year, I had no problems after the surgery. ... (3 replies)
... up in the ear and then I get a severe vertigo attack, the ear seems to open up and then a couple of days later the whole cycle starts again. I am quite certain after getting on this site that this is all from my surgery. I also had the tightness so bad that I could not look from side to side, nor could I tilt my head back. ... (22 replies)
... emotional havoc Ive had. I am having some health problems now that I do not know yet if could be related but really am concerned. I did have nerve damage right after surgery. My nipples are TOO sensitive which can almost be painful at times and embarrasing as they stay erect always. ... (10 replies)
... c. faint and then have a heart attack. I don't care how numb or out of it I am. What I want is to be asleep and pretend the magical nose fairies are taking care of everything... ignorance is bliss! ... (5 replies)
... Well, I am recovering very nicely from my rhinoplasty surgery on Monday. Let me share what happened and Ill get into how Im doing now. ... (53 replies)
... that had formed inside a year after surgery. He then had to replace. He replaced with saline and silicone on both sides. Following day I had such pain in one .. ... (3 replies)
... Dotty, I, too, have the numbness. Mine is at the cheekbones and in front of both ears. I get a lot of tingling in these areas also. I am 2 months post-op. But, everyday it seems to feel just a little bit better. There are alot of things the PS does not tell the patient before the surgery. I really did not get much information on the things to expect. But, all-in-all,... (5 replies)
... Sleeping is an issue after surgery. I think I had every pillow in the house on my side of the bed, lol. ... (29 replies)
Face lift anyone?
Sep 27, 2003
... I am 55 and thin and they sau this has alot to do with the "hollow look" you will get a few years after surgery.... ... (5 replies)
Jul 8, 2012
... Been feeling like I'm living in a nightmare...sooooo swollen and numb and the bruising seems to morph into different areas daily...hourly...weird. ... (21 replies)
... yes including area down around and under chin. It is very strange and I hope it gets better, though I understand there can be some permanent numbness. Were you numb and did it lessen? ... (22 replies)
... I knew it" and the doctor gave her a dirty look. I was told they had never seen anyone whose eyelids were numb after this surgery, they didn't know what had happened. ... (4 replies)
... uck. I still have numbness in my cheeks on my face. I experience numbness and at times a little tenderness around my belly button. My stomach is still completely numb in certain areas. My Plastic Surgeon said this is normal. ... (1 replies)
... So, please don't worry, it is very common after surgery. You are perfectly normal! ... (3 replies)
... with my insurance, so I just went straight to the surgeon. You could call your insurance and see if they will even cover it. One of the questions my doc asked me after the surgery was if I felt like I could breathe better. I told him that I had noticed I was breathing better. ... (5 replies)
... did the lower at a separate time and she said yes because the insurance paid for some things that overlapped. I was told to not take any aspirin or eat of drink after midnight. ... (4 replies)

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