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... how to cover up a scar (1 replies)
Scar Camouflage
Nov 1, 2006
... This There Anything Else That Is Permanent That Can Cover Up Acne Scars... ... (0 replies)
... As a last resort, you can get scar revision, but you're talking a procedure now. Depending on the size of it, could be local anesthesia. ... (1 replies)

4" scar on neck
Apr 12, 2002
... I live in the UK, and have a 4" scar on my neck. ... (0 replies)
... a while back. The surgeon told me that the work they had done around the scar on my nose would cause the bump to flatten out more and become less noticeable. ... (3 replies)
... wearing a mask that made my eyes look pulled and face wide. I was really worried that the area under my cheekbones was very concave. I was pretty startled by it. Cover up your bathroom mirror so you aren't tempted to keep looking at yourself. Have things in your apartment to keep you busy like dvd's and books. ... (24 replies)
... t really see it! The other is under my eye, where they had to cut to put in the implants, and the other is on the bridge of my nose, but I wear dark glasses to cover up my eye that is missing completly and it also serves to hide the scar. ... (3 replies)
... left parts of the defect on the top and on the bottom of the area, while the middle of the defect was excised. In addition, Dr. Cherny left a remnant of the old scar in the area. As you might guess, this left an aesthetically unpleasing result. It was obvious that Dr. ... (5 replies)
... new hairstyle, you like it when you're there, then once you're home you swear you won't step foot out of the house for the next 6 months.....until someone comes up gushing about your hair and asking where you got it cut. ... (11 replies)
... not even two weeks, and you're already excited!! I'm so glad. I had a good giggle at your description of your Mother looking at you strangely, and the Kleenex up to your face. The things we don't do to hide the evidence the first few weeks or so, huh? ... (9 replies)
... better....but it doesn't do anything to correct the problem, just cover it. They are the indented kind that are flat, not too terribly deep, but noticeable, especially very close up. One scar is deeper than the others. ... (13 replies)
Surgical Scars
Apr 2, 2007
... Even if you dont get that big during pregnacy, there is that risk that the tatoo will look distorted and stretched out. I want to cover a scar on my tummy with a tattoo as well............but i am afraid, because i have stretch marks in that area................and i dont think the tattoo would hold up. ... (1 replies)
... duty concealer to work the next few days to cover the bruises. I'm glad my appointment is tomorrow, as I am off work until Monday, so hopefully, I'll have time to heal some. ... (23 replies)
Tummy Tuck
May 10, 2007
... hing them I don't think it changes the cup size BUT since you are still healing you have to remember the internal scars and you don't want the implants to "bump" up against them.....possibly allowing the implants to move towards the middle of the chest. ... (66 replies)
... that she bruised everywhere he injected her. He told me that was not the norm for people to bruise like that. I am supposed to go see him tomorrow for a follow up visit, and I will be sure to tell him about the bruises. ... (6 replies)
... took several weeks to totaly go away. I had the surgery the Wednesday befor Thanksgiving and went back to work on the following Monday. I used a little makeup to cover the bruise. Good luck! ... (3 replies)
... urgery usually last for about 10 years and on eyelid surgery, it can sometimes be permanent. They do a small incision on each upper eyelid in the crease and the scar is not visible after surgery. You may see a very very thin line, but it's hidden in the crease. ... (7 replies)
... A very calm and reassuring gentleman, but this actually ended up being a too conservative collagen treatment. ... (2 replies)
... pigmentation extending from my left eye onto my upper cheek. The right eye also has patchyredness. It is very obvious and make up does not cover it. It's very reminiscent of "portwine" birthmark. It is way too dark for whitening creams and I have used Renova for 4 months with no improvement. ... (2 replies)
... nd visited my elderly mother in the nursing home this afternoon. I suspect she looked at me strangely a couple of times, but I claimed a cold and kept a Kleenex up to my face at opportune moments. ... (9 replies)

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