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... de you can hardly tell, but he does turn it up ever so slightly. He also made me a little nervous because I had gone to Dr. Kalvert who had some great ideas that Tabbal never talked about. For example, I asked Tabbal if he thought my nose had enough definition, as Kalvert told me that I didn't. ... (7 replies)
... I'm schdeuled to get primary rhinoplastry with Tabbal this month!!! I have heard great things about him and found him through NY Mags best doctors but I'm scared since he does not show any before and after pictures. ... (0 replies)
... Does anyone have any recommendation for a ps that specializes in nose jobs in NYC? I had consultations with Dr. Romo and Dr. Tabbal. I liked both and didn't get a real sense that one was better or worse than the other. I've heard great things about Tabbal, but not as much about Romo. Romo is a director of Lenox Hill and only does faces, which I like. And Romo is quoting a... (3 replies)

... I've consulted with quite a few of NY surgeons. Over the years, my consultations have included Dr. Dennis Barek, Dr. Thomas Romo, Dr. David Antell, Dr. Howard Bellin, Dr. Nicolas Tabbal, Dr. Steven Pearlman, Dr. Andrew Kornstein and Dr. Minas Constantinidas. Dr. Barek - minimal photos of african-americans, suggested using goretex implant to add projection to tip, suggested... (1 replies)
... From the doctors you listed, I've visited with Dr. Tabbal, and met one of his patients. Very natural job. The girl had an alar base reduction, and some tip work. No scarring. He puts you on a regimen prior to surgery consisting of vitamin K and some other stuff. (2 replies)
... Speaking from experience, I had three procedures done with Tabbal at ear eye and throat including rhinoplasty. I was nervous about going under but the chances of anything going wrong are so slim. ... (32 replies)
... I am scheduled in Late July with Dr Tabbal for a primary rhinoplasty. That is why i selcted him. I also saw Aston and Baker. Each do Liposuction. I will do lipo on my abdomen and flanks.. ... (0 replies)
... I had a revision Rhinoplasty with Dr. Tabbal recently. This was my fourth surgery as I was in an accident that caused severe damage to my nose. ... (32 replies)
... I am interested in having a primary rhinoplasty and went to Dr. Tabbal for a consultation. I was very pleased with the consultation but concerned that no before and after pictures were available. ... (32 replies)
... Please let me know how it went with Dr. Mark Erlick. I myself am very curious about Dr. Erlick. I have already been to a consultation with Dr. Erlick but I haven't considered him and at the same time I haven't heard anybody say anything bad nor good about him. So I am torn however to me his before and after pictures are phenominal so please let me know how it went with Dr.... (41 replies)
... I've consulted with Dr. Tabbal, Dr. Kornstein and Dr. Pearlman. Tabbal suggest Open, Kornstein and Pearlman both suggested closed. ... (41 replies)
... for a primary. I want to consult with two docs and then decide. Anyone know of another good rhinoplasty doc in NY to try? ... (12 replies)
... m going to Tabbal on thursday, but it makes me so nervous that he doesnt have pictures, and he's by far the most expensive. ... (1 replies)
... American female seeking Primary Rhinoplasty to correct the small hook at the time of my nose as well as narrowing the width some what. ... (41 replies)
... ctors.I got Dr Norman Pastorek, and Dr. Nicholas Tabbal. So far going by what i read on other boards Dr Norman Pastorek has the least amount of complaints and Dr Tabbal has the most and is more expensive. I gotta do more research on them and Dr. Slupchynskyj this week. ... (2 replies)
... my advise to you is NOT to think about going to Dr. tabbal, however if you want to have more correction surguries you might consider going to Dr. tabbal (15 replies)
... I had a consultation with Tabbal and have no doubt that he is a fine surgeon. I also had a consultation with Dr. Hidalgo, who also has a wonderful reputation. ... (3 replies)
... I am seeking revision rhinoplasty 7 years after the simplest of procedures was botched (mostly cartilage removal). I had no less than 9 consults at the time, and went to one of the best in NYC, who also happened to be a otorolygist. I am considering Dr. Tabbal, but also had read good things about Geoffrey Tobias and Steven Pearlman in NYC, if anyone has any information about... (32 replies)
... him I had heard. I wonder if there's any way you could see before and after pics from all 5 dr's. Better yet, find someone who has dealt with them. If you put Tabbal in the search here on this site, you may be able to pull something up on him. ... (53 replies)
... Thankyou for sharing your experiences with me. I am very thankful to hear your stories. I had a rhinoplasty that left my nose looking broken, uneven and a collapsed bridge. My doctor was dr lebowitz. I had him with my insurance since I had trouble breathing. ... (7 replies)

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