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... why are my eyes still swollen after 5 weeks of having lower eyelid surgery (25 replies)
... Hi, I'm back just wondering how you are doing? ... (25 replies)
... op and still having a lot of pain and pulling sensation in my eyes. ... (25 replies)

... To say I am thrilled with the result would be an understatement. The operation has made a big difference to my appearance and to how I feel about myself. I am 58. ... (25 replies)
... with a lot of makeup of course. At those times, my husband thinks I look younger and more awake. I still think the skin under my eyes may need some kind of laser resurfacing yet I don't think I can stand another procedure for a long time. ... (25 replies)
... I had my eyes done June 23rd. I'm gald to here you are doing great.... I still wake up with bags. Wondering if my docotor did anything but cut me open. So your saying your swollening is gone. ... (25 replies)
... rised how long this is taking. It's finally coming around to where I can say I think I'm glad I did this. I still have chemosis, probably due to canthopexy but my eyes are dry and burning if I don't put drops in every half hour. Of course the PS said in 2 weeks I'd look fine to go to work. ... (25 replies)
... I'm just going to add my experience. I had upper and lower bleph about 1 and a half years ago. I spent the first few days listening to the radio and icing my eyes. By the end of the week, I was watching tv. In a week and a half, I was back at work. ... (25 replies)
... Sorry I haven't been on. I lost my password and didn't no how to get a new one. I am so happy for u that everything turned out great. I on the other hand am not happy. My eyes still have bags. ... (25 replies)
... I just back to work after being off since Feb, I fell on Ice and broke my leg. Had to have a rod and three screws put in It has been a long haul. Thats when I decided to have my eyes done. Because the job I do we always have June off. ... (25 replies)
... t's doing much yet but is highly recommended. Also Doctor prescribed TriLuma which is a bleaching cream with Retin A for under eye dark circles and funky skin. My skin under my eyes looks like chicken skin and it's really bothering me. It was probably always that way but, without all the bags, is real noticeable now. ... (25 replies)
... Hi, I'm so gald to here your doing great. I on the other hand I'm not happy. I wake up each morning eyes are still swollen It also seems like my lower eye have more wrinkles them before not sure what I am going to do. ... (25 replies)
... I never had any bruishing. I wake up each morning and my lower eyes are swollen. By the end of the day they seem to get better. I think I looked better before. Hopefully time will tell. Its sounds like your on the road to recover. ... (25 replies)
... Everymorning I wake up the lowers are swollen. By the end of the day most but not all has gone down. Thats why I'm upset about it. I would love to wake up and have no bags. Thats what I was looking forward to. I sure will let you know if I do laser... ... (25 replies)
... A girl a work with had her upper eyes done. She had the laser done it looks great all her scare line are gone. The doctor she went to said you had to wait 4 months after surgery. ... (25 replies)
... I had it done the week before you. My swelling is a lot better but not totally gone. But I still have bruising and under eye darkness. ... (25 replies)
... eft with wrinkles and the skin looks crepey. today I noticed that there is still a small bag pouching out under one eye. I was thinking it's because I slept on my side last night for first time in 3 months...ugh. anyway, mostly am doing great. ... (25 replies)
... oh I have that too. bags in a.m. better by evening which should be a clue that'll heal ok eventually. somedays my lowers don't look like I did anything to them, other than my lower lids are still fat! ... (25 replies)
... We are both approaching 3 months, right? ... (25 replies)
... My scars are pretty good I bought this product called scar guard. It has a really bad smell but I think I notice a big difference. ... (25 replies)

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