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Went to the pharmacy last week to refill my child's ADEKs vitamin drops prescription and was told they were unavailable. Went on the Scandiapharm website -- they're on back order until further notice.

Did a web search and it looks like people who are having gastric bypass surgery for morbid obesity are being told to use ADEKs. Bizarre! :confused:

Meanwhile I'm having to substitute using Poly-vi-sol; however, it's a little tougher to find the kind without iron. DS takes a double dose 1 ml twice a day.
I hadn't heard of the shortage. Good to know. How strange that dr.'s for gastric bypass surgery would be recommending this particular vitamin for their patients. I wonder if anyone has brought it to thier attention that it would cause a problem for CF patients (whom the vitamin was created for in the first place)? I do hear from our dietician though that there are alternatives. She tells us that ADEKs must be chewed. Chewable doesn't mean optional I guess. Anyhow, my girls haven't been chewing them for about 5 years and won't. Makes me wonder if I wasted money all those years. Anyway, she said there were two others out there that are supplied by the CFF pharmacy and for my girls the alternative altogether was to take two "one a day's" plus extra an 400 IU's of E. Note, my girls are 16 and 13 years old. If indeed there is a shortage and not just a "slow down" in production check with your clinic and see what to do for an alternative. Mind you it will cost more out of pocket in most cases by purchasing OTC vitamins vs. prescription vitamins. Mine are taking one a day's for women anyway on top of the ADEK. (as directed by the dietician)

Thanks for the heads up though on the ADEKs.

I guess gastric bypass surgery patients have problems with absorption of vitamins because of their surgery. Just kinda irked me to see all these people on gastric bypass message boards talking about these wonderful vitamins and how cheap they were if you ordered from scandiapharm. Get your owned darned vitamins!

My child uses the vitamin drops, so if this is going to be long term then I have to add a drop from a capsule of A & E to his bottle once a day. And I JUST got him used to the taste of the ADEKS, he's not all that sure of the generic poly-vi-sol stuff.
Yea, vitamins are not always a pleasant thing to try and get down when they are liquid. I hope that it's not going to be a long term shortage and that they increase production. How old is your son? He won't be changing to a chewable anytime soon I take it? I don't know if it's just my kids or alot of CF kids but mine never liked change, in meds or food. Like you said, you JUST got your son to accept the vitamins and now you might have to change them. Hopefully it will be short lived.

He's 5 1/2 months old. I've thought about seeing if I can get ahold of the tablets and crush them in the pill crusher, like I do with his Vitamin K and mixing it with his bananas. But it also sound like the ADEK chewables are being used by the gastric bypass patients, too. Although there apparently isn't a shortage of those.

Have an appointment next week, so I suppose I can ask his dietician or the pediatric pharmacist.
I guess some are still available through the CF Services Pharmacy; however, the shortage is coming from the manufacturer, so they've only got a limited supply. Now all I have to do is enroll and get a prescription. Here's a response I got from them:

"We realized about two years ago that we were being flooded with women
calling for Adek tablets due to their gastric bypass surgeries. Because
Adek has had backorder problems in the past, CF Services stopped servicing
those patients to ensure that cf families would have access to the Adek
supplies first. "

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